Holiday homes

Holiday homes or second homes if you will is a cottage, a villa or a beach house. Holiday homes are usually built in locations of natural beauty and attraction such as by the sea side, in the wilderness or mountains. These are properties of absent home owners who ,only occasionally, make use of them  for vacation or weekend getaways and let them out to holiday makers the rest of the time. The concept of the these homes is a lucrative venture not to mention the benefits of the homeowner enjoying a holiday the luxury and freedom of his own home.

Holiday Homes: Selecting the location

Holiday homes

Holiday homes







Whether buying or constructing, holiday homes need to be located in places that are certain to appeal to different people. First and most important, keep in mind the fact that whether you intend to commercialize your home or not, you will at some point have people other than yourself residing in your house. Whatever the features of the locality are, identify an easily accessible, safe and serene area. The thought of yourself or any visitor spending the vacation worrying about safety, disturbance and lack of privacy is repulsive. Remember these are the very reasons that drove you into this investment.

Holiday homes: Features and amenities

In some instances your preferred Holiday home location may lack some basic facilities. In places like deep wilderness or a top a hill overlooking some spectacular plains, you may find that there is no electricity or water supply. Here you will be required to drill a borehole and provide either generator or solar power. Even in locations where these facilities exist, it is still prudent to have these as back-up facilities. That your home is located in some rugged wilderness is not reason at all to let the home look equally rugged. Your home should be attractive boasting all the beautiful features of you home. Invest in splendid outdoors and glamorous interiors; this home is a holiday destination and not a location for the Survival Series shoot.

Holiday homes: Maintenance.

Many Holiday home are known to fall into states of disrepair due to long absence of their owners. Your home will require constant attention both outdoor and indoors. Outdoors such as landscaping, lawn and facilities such as swimming pool call for regular attention. The inside of the house requires even closer attention particularly before and after every stay. Some owners are known to contract letting agencies to run the homes for them at a commission and therefore never get to know the true state of their houses at times.  While it is not all together deceptive to do this, it is by far wiser to enlist the services of a care taker to ensure that everything is in order. You may also need to have a maid for those whose homes are occupied by other vacationers frequently.

To most people, the idea of a second or third home away from for vacation seems just fanciful and extravagant. View the bigger picture of the holiday homes concept and see the immense magnitude of investment.