Air Mattresses

With the numerous types of air Mattresses in the market today it is important to narrow down what you are looking for in a mattress before finally selling on your purchase. They are also very portable and can be used to travel hence they are worth your purchase and money value. Owning one will add convenience to your life. These mattresses require very little maintenance and care as they can also be easily be stored when not in use.

Best Air Mattresses for daily use

Air Mattresses

Air Mattresses

The latest designs of these mattresses offer great sleeping comfort and also ensure that you do not have trouble inflating and deflating the mattress. The variety in terms of size and designs is huge so that you can easily find a piece to suit your requirements of a mattress. Here are some few details of the top rated air mattresses:-

  1. Coleman: –Quick bed with 4D pump combo:-This is one of the top rated air mattress and also a wonderful product. This is a perfect bedding solution for daily use. They come with a role system and a wrap which offers easy and compact storage. This offers easy portability and the mattress is made of heavy duty PVC and a suede like top thus giving it a luxurious touch.
  2. Intex classy downy air bed:-This mattress consists of a push flocking on the top which provides a luxurious sleeping surface and keeps your bed from slipping over the floor. The flocking makes the bed waterproof and suitable for camping use.
  3. Aero bed raised signature comfort air bed:-This is a 22 inch high  mattress which has an in built pump thus offering quick inflation and deflation. It can be easily draped in with your standard size sheets hence readying it just like a regular bed.

How to buy Air Mattresses

When these mattresses you need to consider the type and size. It’s beauty is that you can use it for a wide variety of purposes. Before buying an this  mattress consider its primary use that you will put it to. Here are a few factors to consider when buying one :-

  1. You need to first consider the type of  a  mattress for camping excursions as there are numerous types and sizes to choose from.
  2. The raised mattresses are nice as they provide an extra layer that acts much like a spring box in a typical mattress.
  3. If you are using a raised type of mattress then you need to get it a frame to help protect it from elements and keep it safer from getting punctured.
  4. When purchasing  this type of a mattress for a couple, you need to consider the weight restrictions as the weight restrictions determine how much weight this mattress can handle without losing air through the valve.


Advantages of Air Mattresses

They are inflatable cushions which can stand alone and are used when you are sleeping. They have numerous advantages here are the:-

  1. Guest comfort:-Unlike most pull out beds these mattresses are much comfortable for a guest. However for long term guests the aero bed raised mattress can serve as a guest bed with minimal attention and maintenance.
  2. Overall comfort and health:-quality air mattress offer comfort and back support thus allowing a comfortable sleeping experience.
  3. Travel and camping:-These mattresses are very portable and easy to pack in your car when travelling to a camping site. Most of these mattresses can fit comfortably within a tent or cabin.
  4. Temporary bedding and emergencies:-when you move into a new home these mattresses can act as temporary bedding when you have not set up your bed.
  5. Storage:-They are also easy to store as they can fold into their original packaging.

Whatever reasons  you have for buying these mattresses, be sure to find the appropriate air pumps at the same time as this can save you a lot of hustle in future. Buying the best quality Air Mattresses will help and allow you enjoy the comfort of sleeping even when you are outdoors