Flooring in Kenya

What is Flooring in Kenya?

Flooring in Kenya makes a huge difference in a house. Don’t forget to do your floor when you are doing your interior decor.  At homesbeauty.com will guide and give you tips on how to do an amazing flooring.

Many people tend to forget to do the floor in the house .I must be sincere with you, the results are bad. Sometimes those who give us the advices on how to do our flooring misleads us.

Have you ever spent a lot of money to do or buy something that is not of your choice. I hate to remember the floor that i redid just a few months ago. Actually i had done my interiors the right way. Everything looked perfect but my floor was badly done.

I had to redo the floor and the results were amazing. Could be you are going through the same problem. Don’t worry we are here to give you solutions to you problems.

Tips on Flooring in Kenya

Home flooring in Kenya is one of the basic residential remodel items to focus on. Choices include terrazzo, ceramic tile, natural stone, laminate, hardwood, carpet, and more. The best to install depends on the room function, and the renovation cost should also be considered.

A well designed and maintained floor is an important focal point and a great component of what’s truly a beautiful home.

Different Flooring Materials:

Classic Ceramic Tile

flooring in Kenya

flooring in Kenya



















Ceramic tiles flooring in Kenya is one of the earliest and widely used common flooring materials. And the good thing about it is that price ranges from cheap to very expensive. Styles, colors, borders, and shapes are so varied that any imaginable pattern is possible. It has been an age old secret towards a beautiful home. As long as the grout is well-sealed, it does well in wet conditions, making it ideal for bathroom or kitchen applications.

It’s a safe bet for raising home re-sale value since its popularity has remained constant, having endured the test of time. The major setback of ceramic tiling is that if it’s installed over a wood or engineered wood subfloor, the subfloor must be beefed up and covered with cement fiber board to prevent future cracking.


flooring in Kenya

flooring in Kenya














Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is generally manufactured from oak, hickory, pecan, poplar and other deciduous trees. The major upside of this type of flooring is that you can make it a Do-It-Yourself project, thus less costly on installation cost. Even so, others like pine and bamboo floors are as well placed in this category. This is a very traditional building material and not likely to go out of fashion. The two most common types are tongue-in-groove planks and parquet tiles. However, these need to be sanded and refinished periodically; but on the upside, when finished with high-quality urethane, they do well in moist conditions, unlike laminate floors.

laminate floors

laminate floors









This is one of the fasting growing products on the market. It has the major advantage of being  inexpensive compared to some other products,  easy to install, and it’s readily available. However, its not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms. Kitchens fall in the gray area-you can put it or leave it depending on how wet your kitchen shall be at most times. Also, in large rooms, most laminate flooring manufacturers recommend adding an expansion joint in the field since this is a floating floor and expands and contracts. Some home owners consider this unsightly. Depending on ones tastes and preferences, you can choose laminate for smaller rooms as the desired flooring in your beautiful home

Traditional Terrazzo

traditional terrazzo

traditional terrazzo










This is a great product to install over a concrete slab. It’s durable, lasting for the life of the home. It’sattractive and can be installed in virtually any color scheme desired. In some installations a metal grid is first installed into which the mix is poured. The mix is usually an epoxy resin combined with scrap marble chips or even recycled glass, which makes it a green and sustainable building material. The mixture is leveled, and after curing, it’s polished with a terrazzo grinder. However, the labor cost is prohibitive and it is not really a DIY project. The marble chips can also be expensive to acquire













Carpets are the traditional form of adding aesthetic value to the floor of a beautiful home. It’s advantageous in the fact that it’s cheap to acquire, and in fact the cheapest when compared with the other types of floor. That’s why many apartment owners use it for flooring. However, it has the major setback of maintenance; in that it requires constant vacuuming and shampooing to keep it clean.

It’s also not healthy for allergic people as it traps things that might trigger off an allergic attack, like pollen, mites and dust.

flooring in Kenya:

the above have been the most guaranteed and used ways of adding vitality and class, and personal character to your beautiful home. Whether in the construction stage or renovating an old dwelling, in confident that these tips will come handy in redefining your style and incorporate your personal character in your dream home.

Let us give priority to Flooring in Kenya and our houses will never be the same again.

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