Color Green decoration in Kenya

Color Green in Kenya



Color green in Kenya

Color green in Kenya


Color Green is associated with our green environment. There are many types of color green. For example lime green, Light green, dark green, jungle green among others Of late color green has been commonly used to paint house. The tips below will guide on choosing the painting color that suit your home

The first time i saw a house painted green i thought the owner had been given a wrong advice concerning painting colors . Many people have had a negative opinion on this color.  But try this color and you will never regret.

It is very important to know what you want before you paint you house. Ask yourself this question:

  1. Why do you want to use a specific color to paint your house
  2. What is the meaning of that color
  3. what mood do you want to create
  4. Is the color available localy

You can choose any color green depending on your taste.


  • Green it’s also a primary color and its associated with fresh plants. Green in Kenyan flag stands for vegetation. Green is the color of life, fertility and nature.
  • Fresh Green has a lot of stability and balance which shows confidence.This can be the appropriate color if you are not sure what color to use. Green means increase, knowledge and harmony.
  • For well balanced people, green is mostly considered. It often symbolizes wealth. Green foods symbolize good natural health. Some communities consider Friday as the day of green.

Power of Green  in Kenya

  1. Green contains nature, increase, transformation and also give room to spread.
  2. Green gives balance and a sense of order.
  3. Signifies life, health and environment. It’s a restful and calming color.
  4. Associated with Islamic and gives a Christmas mood combined with red.

Secrets of adding Green in you life

-Creates some protection from fears and anxieties

-Brings calmness

-Shows growth and life

-Indicates good health

– Freedom to pursue new ideas

Color Green in Kenya and other colors

-Green and blue combination produces echoes of life

-Lime green, orange and yellow indicates fresh and fruity

-Green and brown suggests organic which can be used for packaging organic      products.

-Yellow black and white are sporty outdoor colors

-Purple contrast green.

Concluding remarks on Color Green in Kenya

Color Green in Kenya suggests fresh vegetation and can add green in a dry region.