Garden plants in Kenya


Have you ever witnessed the beauty of garden plants in Kenya ?

Garden plants in Kenya have been taken as simply buying the locally grown plant sold along the road and planting them on any free space in the garden.

I’m not opposing the plants sold along the roads but after buying what we do next.

Do you know that there is much more pertaining having a plant in your garden?

It’s time that we stopped ignoring some of these crucial aspects in our gardening work.

Don’t wait till you are in a situation where the plants around your home are forming a forest.

There are various factors to consider in planting:-

1.Choosing garden plants in Kenyan 


Having in mind that at our homes there are different people , different environmental conditions  , certain amount of available space and specified time availability ,we should choose plants wisely.

  • family preference

It might be a difficult decision to make among the members due to divergent views.

In most cases an agreement will never be archived so it’s advisable to give each member a chance to suggest a plant.

These suggestions have to be checked on their compatibility before they are agreed upon.

With proper combination the plantation can end up being awesome and suitable to all family members.

  • adaptability of Garden Plants in Kenya
plants in Kenyan gardens

plants in Kenyan gardens

Due to environmental differences some plants can do well in some regions and do very bad in some others.

This is a research that one can do without necessarily involving an expert.

-Do your neighbors have plantations in their garden?   If so do their plants do well? Let this be your first guide.

-are there people selling this plantations around your home? Check what they have and compare with what you found at your neighbors gardens.

If you realize that they are the same types then have the courage to plant the plants in your garden.

  • available space

As much as you would like to have some plants in your garden your space might be a limiting factor.

The large plants are only suitable for gardens with large space. The small space gardens need plans that will be managed at relatively short heights or plant dwarf plants.

2. Spacing Garden plants in Kenya.

plants in Kenyan gardens

plants in Kenyan gardens

When planting small trees, it’s necessary to have in mind that in a few years time they will grow to large trees and occupy larger space.

However, this spacing depends on various factors like:-

  • The type of trees

Different trees grow to different heights and widths thus demand different spacing.

This is a mater that needs some consultations to ensure that one doesn’t make a mistake.

Checking from other fully grown plants on how they are spaced can also give a guideline to a new gardener.

  • The available space

The space in a garden can also be a limiting factor to too much spacing in a garden.

Having a small garden doesn’t mean having few trees in a garden. With the right choice of plants one can plant as many as possible.

Some creativity in the planting like not aligning them on one lane can also allow room for more plants.

  • Time availability

Having your plantations spaced too close forces you to spend more time in maintenance like pruning.

Therefore it’s advisable to space them to reasonably large gaping if you will get limited time to attend to the plants.

3. Site selection for Garden plants in Kenya.

As much as we would like our gardens to be surrounded by plantations like trees, some factors may limit us from doing so.

These factors include:-

  • Good air drainage.

Air circulation around the plantations is a basic necessity for the plant growth.

The buildings, other large trees and roofing around the garden can Brock the air circulation.

This might not be experienced in most gardens.

  • Access to sunlight

This is a factor that cannot be ignored to any single growing tree on the earth.

For a tree to do well it should access sunlight for at least five hours a day.

Total shades on a tree cannot work well for any plantation.

  • Good soils.
plants in kenyan gardens

plants in Kenyan gardens

The deep well drained soils are good for plantations, red soils are most preferred.

The fertility of the soils should be moderately enough just enough to sustain the plant fully.

The fertility of the soil can be improved by adding fertilizers or compost organic manure.

  • Adequate water.

The water supply around the garden should be reliable enough to sustain the plants at all times.

To cut on the cost of purchasing water for gardening its advisable for one to sink a personal well or borehole.

Salty water is not a very reliable type of water supply in gardening.

Concluding remark on Garden plants in Kenya 


As its said that a long journey starts with a single step, this guidelines are just the introductory part to plantations in home gardens.

Following is planting and maintenance of  garden plants in Kenya.

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    Hi, thanks for the reading you’ve offered, i have a small space in front of the house which i wish to have professional touch on WHAT TO PLANT/PUT WHERE in order to have a nice looking complete home. kindly advise