PathWays landscaping in Kenya



What is Path Ways Landscaping in Kenya?

path ways landscaping in kenya

path ways landscaping in Kenya

Path way Landscaping in Kenya is a part of the garden that brings out the uniqueness of  homes.

Being the only part that each and every visitor in your home have to step see and probable comment on we have to perfect on it.

Leaving just a trail leading to your patio or garage is not all. Discover some wow make ups that gives it a perfect finish.There are two types of pathways:-

1. Drive path ways landscaping in Kenya

garden drive ways in kenya

garden drive ways in Kenya

This are the paths built for the vehicles headed to the parking or to the garage.

They are built with high specialty to enhance durability with low maintenance cost.

Drive ways are made of clay, timber or concrete blocks. They are of various types:-

-porlock :They ere made of clay of 50 mm thick.Proper fixing adds to their rigidity and their design with trenches between them ads to their durability.They are given a finish of five colors.

– Mulbarton :They are made of concrete.

The laying down process is made with provisions of drainage depending on the topography.They are given a finish of five colors.

-Weaverston :They are made of stone.They are given a finish of eight colors.They are also used as kerbs [a high lifting on the sides of the path ]

-Rollesbay :They are made of stone .They are given a finish of six different colors.

-Stonelea : they are the traditional form of bricks.

garden drive ways in kenya

garden drive ways in Kenya

-Tarmac: Tarmacking your path also puts an appealing carpet to the drive way.It is more durable than any other form of pathway.It is advisable to put up hard concrete or metallic posts on the sides of the path to block the vehicles from driving over the plantations.

During designing one should account for all sizes of vehicles to ovoid future destruction or the landscape trying to expand the path way.

2. Walk path ways Landscaping in Kenya

garden path way in kenya

garden path way in Kenya

They are relatively narrow designed for human use around the garden.

They have a wide variety of make ups. Any well designed pattern that is durable enough is right.

A proper arrangement of large blocks of stones or blocks of wood can make a perfect walk path.

Cant We do Something on Our Path Ways landscaping in Kenya

Have your vehicle ever got stuck on your drive path?How muddy does your path way become on rainy seasons?

This is simply because you have not thought of this simple aspects that others have already done and they live to enjoy each day they step on their path ways.

If you took that into consideration and work ,then we would have a new story of victory on path ways landscaping in Kenya.