Few know that acquisitions, as well as Oriental carpets create a cozy atmosphere inside at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, whether in a city, village or nomadic carpet transmits a sensation and feel of a company other than our Western society.

Buying a carpet must be a thoughtful deed; how will it be used, under the table of the dining room or arranged in an elegant living room? The environment in which the mat he will be placed; what are the constraints furniture, tapestries and curtains vis-à-vis the carpet? What is the correct size for the carpet and what will it cost?



Keep in mind that:
• A rug under a dining table should, of course, face the wear caused by the table and chairs. Velvet and reasons must be able to withstand some “accidents” during meals. The size should be such as chairs, when used, must not continually shred the edge of the carpet.
• A central medallion carpet requires having furniture symmetrically, while a central medallion carpet without leaving a greater freedom.
• Carpet which is very exposed to wear must be robust and heavy to stay in place.
• It may be advantageous for a single mat on which rarely works, present a pattern and a pattern that attract attention, like a jewel.
It is important that your new carpet is suitable for your home. This is why Carpet Vista offers a full right of return.
• A nice floor highlights the carpet. This is why the mat should not be too big not to cover the entire floor.
• Too small rug placed in a large room can give the impression a little “poor.”

Feel free to take your time when choosing a carpet, and try to represent yourself it will look once it is in place. A photo of the part that requires the carpets may be helpful to choose a carpet with good colors that matches with the ground and the rest of the development.



Do not forget once you have received your carpet:
When you have your carpet on the floor, it is best to avoid placing the direction of the pile near the light source or window if necessary. By doing so, the colors of the carpets become clearer. Indeed, there is often a big difference in the colors if the carpet is placed in the other direction. You can try it yourself if you have at home a hand knotted rug! Also look at the examples below.

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