Most people have a vision of how their home would be like for it to feel as their place of belonging. The living room is among the most important space in our home as it is where the family gathers to have some family time and it is the first place that guests see when they first step in the house and as we know first impression last, so not only does on look at the functionality and living suitability of the living room but also its aesthetic feature.

One of the things that improve your living room décor is your furniture, if one uses the right furniture it makes the space feel more like home. People will use different types of furniture be it color, size, design according to their style and taste, but the size of the space is not the same for all homes. Does it mean that you cannot use a certain type or size of furniture to showcase your taste because you have a small living room? Does it mean that there is no way that one can use all the furniture they want without making the same living room look cluttered? Here are some of the ways that one can solve these problems.

Working your space.


A small living room contrary to what most people think is enough room for one to showcase their creativity and skills when it comes to interior décor. A small living room is a chance for one to utilize space considering economy, efficiency, and aesthetics. Working the space you have greatly employs a creative mind. For instance, use of a wall unit with various open shelving units where one can place the television set and also books, flower vase or any decorative accessory in their house. One can also use end tables this provides a surface to lay your items but not getting in the way of your mobility.

. The use of mirrors to make a room look larger is a great effect. Another highly favored effect is the use of flowers and live growing plants to give a room an aura of freshness and a brightness that only nature can afford. Working your space is all about creating an illusion of more space in your otherwise small living room and identifying you’re most attractive and endearing feature and bringing it out in the small space that forms a guest’s first impression.

Suitable type of furniture.


When one is choosing furniture for a small space living room, they have to take into consideration the size of the room, space mobility and functionality of the furniture.  For sofa sets one can choose sectional sofa sets there are those with a slim look this sofa set is able to accommodate many people and still make the room spacious. There is also the arm-less sectional sofa set this gives an illusion of more space. Tables one can get small low level coffee table which are metal or glass type. One can also use light weight, bright colored furniture with legs as it doesn’t obstruct the view of the floor. When it comes to the small living room furniture it is all about choosing the suitable furniture or how creative you are to improve your space.