swimming pool spa ideas in kenya

Swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool instalation in kenya

swimming pool instalation in kenya















Generly swimming pool is a container filled with water  purposely for swimming as a form of recreation ,sport and training.                                     Do you have a swimming pool in your home? I know the answer for a number of people would be No.  You can look for  pool builder in Kenya who can give adequate advice on how to install the pool.

Swimming pool installation in Kenya is known to be very expensive but you can decide to install it yourself in you home.

If you want to do it yourself i advice you to buy the product direct from the factory or from an authorized dealer.

Different designs in Swimming pool installation in Kenya

  • Above the ground
  • Partially above the ground
  • In the ground

There are various materials that are used to make the swimming pool .the materials must be hard enough to hold the fullcapacity of the pool.

Some of this materials include:-

  • Concrete also known as gunite.
  • Metal-   stainless metals
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass.


Swimming pools have different depths , lengths and widths depending with the intended purpose of the pool.

  • Width

The width of a swimming pool depends on factors like ,its intended purpose,the space available and the target group.

  • Depth

The depth of aswimming pool depends on the purpose of the pool.

If ment for private use they can go up to  one to two metres deep.This is ment to serve the entire family including children.

The public swimming pools vary from  2.5 meters to 5 meters  this is ment to serve all swimmers and their diverse requirements.

Children swimming pools are made at relatively shallow depths like 0.2 to 1.2 .This reduces the risks of children drowning in the pools.

  • Length

Swimming pools ment for sports are the longest.\Other pools can be made  at any length depending on the available space and finances.

Swimming pool types

  • Private Swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya








They are generally  smaller in size than  public swimming pools.                                                                  They are built at any part of the house at owners convenience.                                                                      They can be made of :-

Concrete pools

They are made in a similar way to concrete ships , in a way that they can floate under certain cercumstances.

Therefore an  unrestricted  hydrostatic valve should be incorporated in the pool design.

The pools should  not  be emptied unnessesarily due to the unnesesary floating due to the operation of the hydro valve.this can cause the destruction of the pools.

The enting of all pools should be conducted with the supervision of a constructor.

2.Vinly liner pool

Vinly is only the interior cover of the pool that is used as interior waterproof membrane in  most swimming pools.

It is a cheap type of pool to install and easily installed within one week.

It also gives a long lasting servise bespite the cheap installation.

  • Public pools
swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya







They are sited at regions with public itilities like hotels  sa part of recreational comprex  and leisure.

Duildings that are divided by this public swimming pools are called natatorium.

This duildings often have other related facilities like diving tanks and diving boards fixed at one  end of the pool.

They oftenly have lockers  in the duildings to keep clothings and belongings of the users.

They have a mandatory requirement of having showers for the users to take a shower before and after swimming.

There are often life guards to protect the users.life savers are always seated by the pools.

The pools are often rectangular in shape but can be of any shape including free form.

  • Competition swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya







They are pool made with regulations to comply to.such regulations are :-

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Automatic officiating equipments.

They are about 25 to 50 metres long  an a straight lane and at least  1.3 metres deep.

They are fixed with some features like indoor heaters to comply with the set regularions of tenparatures and to be operational in all seasons of the year

The pools can be categorized to slow and fast pools depending on its layout.

Some pools are designed to  to reduce swimming friction thus are called fast pools.

This features used to reduce friction are :-

  1. Proper pool depth
  2. Elimination of currents
  3. Increased lane width
  4. Energy absorbing  racing lane lines and gutters.
  5. Innovative hydraulic and acoustic designs.
  • Exercise  swimming pool installation in Kenya

swimming pool installation in Kenya







This is a type of pool that is coming   up and gaining  popurarity as days goes by.

They are fixed with some vessels of about  2.5*5 in size where the swimmers remain in position against the push of an artificially created water cyurrent.

Thus they are also called swimming machines or resistance swimming.


Tips on how to maximize fully assistance from the hired contractor

  • ask as many questions as you can                                                                    Don’t  assume that the contractor will give you every detail of what he/she is doing.

Remember thet the greatest work of maintenance is yours and it would be difficult to maintain something you don’t understand.

  • watch every step they take.                                                                                   This will help you to know everything about the pool.things like the piping system.

finally on Swimming pool installation in Kenya:-

without more to do, lets go to our homes and narrow down to swimming pool installation in Kenya.

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