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Some Kenyan hotels interior décor has been such a mess.  I recently wanted to have a lunch at a local hotel but I was put off by the way it was designed. The first impression is very important.

At first I thought I was in the wrong place.  The elements in the hotel were not coordinating; the color painted to the walls was not matching with the furniture.   Am sorry but the environment was not friendly.

You will agree with me that Hotels décor should be attractive to the human eye. The content below gives some tips on how to do a perfect hotels interior décor.


Kenyan Hotels Interior Decor











Extra ordinary Kenyan Hotels Interior Decor

Kenyan Hotels interior Décor require a lot of attention where comfort is the keyword. Hotel industry is one of the most profitable and growing industry and there are thousands of hotels which are doing roaring business throughout Kenya.  The industry has a promising future since in that, many people around the world today are beginning to travel much than they used to some years back, the growth of internet and other modes of communications which helps them know places with good accommodation and with the best nature.

Tips to consider in Kenyan Hotels Interior Decor

a) Clientele

Deciding on who your hotel will primarily serve is the most important decision. Catering to the needs of your clients will play a major role from the services you provide to the layout and interior of the hotel.

b) BusinessPlan

Document your hotel concept with a clear and concise business plan. Developing a professional business plan will not only help you refine your vision, but it will also help you raise capital.

c) Environmental friendly

Many guests will be attracted to the green hotel because it has natural look .Environmentally friendly hotels save money for the owner and resources for the world.

Components of good Kenyan Hotels Interior Decor

Here, the choice of materials in your Hotel Interior Decor; furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, ventilation require particularly close attention. Interior finishes, materials, textures, colors, and lighting are critical factors both in effecting a dramatic presentation of the space as well as manifesting hospitality design.

i) Good floor and ceiling design

Can marbled, tiled or wooden floor, without mats that hold filth hence easy maintenance. For the bathroom floor, it should not be carpeted to avoid moisture or slippery to avoid accidents.

For ceiling you can use plastic or wood depending on which suits you best. However, it should be durable and good looking.

You can install a fan, that is silent and don’t wobble when on for good ventilation.

ii) Kitchen design

This is the heart of the hotel. Here raw ingredients are washed, peeled, chopped and cooked.

The quality of food and speed of service depend on efficiency, hence planning, kitchen design and layout must be undertaken with due care and expert advice if necessary.

Therefore factors like; lighting, ventilation, sprinkler system, floor covering; wall covering should be taken into consideration.

iii) Accommodation

Comfortable accommodation is what everyone seeks.

Cleanliness on this particular factor cannot be compromised. A clean room with a good bathroom is one of the necessities when it comes to hotel accommodation.

This also includes regular cleaning of the room, change of linen, a good shower, a comfortable bed and soft fresh sheets with different sized pillows available.

iv) Good furniture

The furniture should be well-built with hard wood; well-jointed, good leather covering that creates a sense of belonging with the entire room.
The furniture and the interiors décor need to be comfortable so that guests feel at ease when they visit hotels.

v) Balanced exteriors and interiors

First impressions tend to last, therefore, the stress on how the hotel looks. Impressive exteriors and cosy interiors is just the right combination that works. Now, you know why hotels exemplifying architectural splendor are so popular. Proper lights and quality furniture and furnishings complete the visual appeal.

vi) Wall pictures

Hotel art are a hidden treasure present guests with a first impression and evoke different emotions. For instance, an abstract artwork for the lobby can add mystique and modernism, while a sunset picture can provide a sense of warmth and a feeling of home.

vii) Curtains

Unlike home curtains, hotel curtains are the control of light; sunlight, lights from outside and the light inside the room.  Guests will appreciate curtains that almost entirely block out the light for many reasons

Curtains can be matched with bedspreads and color co-ordinate with other elements of the room.

Measuring curtains should depend on the decorative look you want to create. They can either be floor length or sill length

Viii) Good lighting of the rooms.

Lighting is a very important factor yet ignored a lot.

It affects the brightness of the room, changes the way a paint color looks, cast shadows in ways that make the room seem smaller and have an impact on the presentation of art work.

Here are some tips on how you can promote lighting:

  • Closet light that turns on automatically when door is opened
  • Reading lights at bed that are individually controlled
  • Ample lighting in bathroom; lighted makeup mirror, wall sconces and overhead lighting at vanity, lighting in tub area and lighting under vanity for night light
  • Installation of large window above the main door frame so that light can directly enter the room



Since Kenyan Hotels Interior Décor is conforming to the look you want to give to your hotel, then make homesbaeuty.com your home.

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