Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design has become very common. Every one want to live in a well designed room.A master bedroom is the one which is used by the head of the family; the person who is responsible for the well-being of the entire home and the family. Hence while designing a master bedroom special attention must be given to the size of the bedroom.

Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

In my house this is probably one of my best room, the house is colonial type of house design built back in 1963, but if you enter the room straight to the bed, I can assure it is pretty dramatic. The bed is a canopy, Jacobean Style that gives one a modern interpretation on a traditional design. The bedroom is painted blue due to the fact that I live in Mombasa, has mirrors and wall art on the wall.

Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

Well designed Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design is important because Bedrooms are primarily meant to be a place of relaxation where we sleep and refresh, forgetting the pleasures and the worries of this earth.

Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design is of vital importance. A master bedroom is normally has the biggest size amongst all other bedrooms, usually have an attached toilet block, a terrace or a balcony, an exit to the outdoor landscaped court if the building is a ground floor structure.

Learn how to design your master bedroom today by reading this.

How to improve your Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

a)      Color

The first thing that comes to your eyes in a master bedroom is the color of the walls, carpet, bed set. They all should be relaxing and soothing.

Go for the dark warm colors since they make you feel cozy and safe; a great idea in relaxation since they are energetic and vibrant throughout the spirit. One benefit of working with a neutral color is that it gives the room an illusion of be large as well as relaxing.

Choose a color that is rejuvenating and represent your daily activities. Take green shades for instance, since it represent life therefore harmonizing and creating an elegant mood.

b)      bathroom

Today Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design designers and homeowners have a lot to offer in their master bedroom and bathroom suite.

The bathroom should be spacious to allow a more natural flow of the two rooms that are incorporated into one.

A well designed master bedroom bathroom should have wall art representing water. You can use marine life like animals, boats and sea shells.

The floor should not be slippery to avoid any occurrence of accidents. Also one should not use carpets or mats in the bathroom to avoid moisture.

The Bathroom should always be clean; no broken taps, displaced soaps and detergents, lying dirty clothes.

c) Furniture and other accessories

This is the bed, curtains and seats components of the Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design.

Choose the biggest bed that you can stretch comfortable but it should not dominate the entire room. Good bed should last only for ten years; replace the mattress always this is because of dust, wear and tear.

Use a good mattress and pillow fittings to avoid suffering from back pains. It should be well polished and well connected. The bedding should be smooth and clean Ensure you clean them at least once a week.

Other furniture include wardrobe, seats. Their color should be match with all the elements in the room to create a pleasing look. Wooden furniture should have bright colors in order to ensure the

For the window treatment, use curtains that compliment with the room, let the curtain provide personality to the room by provision of privacy as well as cast a shadow to the room. The length of the curtain should with the opening.

c) Wall art, floor and mirrors.

The way you decorate your bedroom shows your personal style and hence choosing a wall art is a dramatic impression. You also put photos of your family, this works as an oasis when you miss them.

Make use of mirrors in your master bedroom. It not only makes the room larger but also brightens and lighter because of its reflective properties. To increase the room’s elegance you can frame them with wall art.

Let the Mirror reflect the Master Bedroom Interior Design by choosing a good position. You can place it opposite to a window in order to add light as well show the view of the outdoors.

Laminate or use a natural floor like use of tiles, stone that is easy to maintain and clean. Allow the floor to give the earthly appealing feel.

Conclusion on Kenyan Master Bedroom Interior Design

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