Color Green

Secrets in Color Green

For a long time the color green had been largely ignored. In most color intensive circles t like fashion and related fields, the color was not adequately appreciated probably until America’s First lady came out in  a trendy  green outfit and shoes to match. However, following aggressive greening campaign,  green has regained its rightful place and this perception has changed. It comes in a variety of hues including Pale, Dark, Honey, Lime, Light, Pine, Gold and Yellow among others. The entire spectrum of its shades blends just perfectly with almost all the other colors.

Color Green

Color Green

There is a host of attributes that have made the color attractive to major brand names for adaptation as their corporate color. Below I list a few of them and my considered reason why successful names like Safaricom Kenya, KCB and Kenya Wildlife Services have adopted  green as their corporate colors. Allow me to take Safaricom Kenya as a case study.

Safaricom and color green

(1). ATTRACTIVENESS. This is the first attribute that goes without saying; green in whatever hue will look splendid and when mixed with other colors, the outcome is eye catching and awesome. Safaricom Kenya knew this and the results are there for all to see.

(2).FRESHNESS. This is another of the strengths that green boasts. Just like a newly germinated plant,the color feels fresh, a fact that must have led to Safaricom Kenya adopting this color to represent their ever fresh and new ideas.

(3).CONSERVATION. Picture flourishing green vegetation by the sides of undulating streams. Think about dense forests which at some point nearly became extinct and try to figure out how the world would look like all parched. This richness is what color green is usually associated with and again Safaricom Kenya features here in the matter of their concern for the environment.

(4).SUCCESS. I see success radiated in this color in the sense that, from the restoration of our previously receding green cover in the environment major steps have been made in the right direction. Moving toward the right direction is success. For Safaricom Kenya to have opted for it , on inception suggests that they had their eyes set on success. You certainly need not to be reminded that Safaricom Kenya has been the most successful company in the larger East Africa for a record three years.

There are unconscious effects of  green. It is indeed not obvious, but you will notice that walking through a field of green cornfield tends to give one a sense of non pollution. Manufacturers of pure drinking and mineral water are known to package their products in  green plastic or glass bottles to capitalize on the thought of purity provoked by the color. Need I let you on my obsession and so many others’s with Safaricom Kenya? Your guess is as good as mine; Purity.

The obsession with the color is not limited to individuals and Safaricom Kenya, KWS,KCB and mineral water manufacturers but corporate and international bodies as well. As mentioned earlier, color green has become the buzzword all over the world spearheaded by a body no less than the UN. In Gigiri the headquarters of Unep is what is called Green offices. The term green offices does not necessarily mean the offices are all  green in color , but by so naming the offices the importance of conservation of the environment is emphasized. By imploring on the world to use less paper means more trees and ultimately more green. The conservation efforts spear headed by the Safaricom Kenya Foundation is a noble idea everyone should embrace.

Final Word on Color Green

Besides matters of greening the world, the popularity of  this color cannot be gainsaid although people seem to have been ‘color’ blind to this fact. Looking at the map of the world, I realize that at least sixty percent or there about of the national flags have a tinge of green if not a sizable portion of the flag being of it. There is a possibility that even those who designed the flags were not conscious of the fact but this just goes on to proclaim the magical element in  green.

Used carefully by crafty designers, It can do wonders as exemplified by Safaricom Kenya my case study.  It is therefore, without doubt the color of prosperity. This conviction is borne of the fact that the qualities enumerated above translate into prosperity. And you know what Safaricom Kenya is the most prosperous company in East

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    This is a herbal world. Every one is talking of preserving the environment.
    I like the way you have used a company like safaricom as the example.

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    Wow!I love this.lets all go green