Energy Saving Lights


Energy Saving lights is  one of the method you can use to save energy because ,we are in a world where everything is experiencing a galloping inflation.

As much as we would like to brighten our gardens, we still have a very big draw back, the cost.

This should not put us off from doing this justice to our garden,we should serch for a better alternative.

Thanks to the technology that is inventing new things day by day,we have this invention on energy saving lights.

They have been proved to be twice as effective as the initial lights.

There are three thpes of energy saving lights:-

What is Energy Saving Lights?

Energy Saving Lights

Energy Saving Lights

Energy saving lights are bulbs that consume little light. This bulbs have become very common in the recent days because of the high cost of energy.

  • Compact fluorescent lamp [CFL].

They are the small bulbs with two small coiled tubes

They have various advantages :-

–  They use less power compared to the lest.

–   They have a longer life span

–  They produce light that is friendly to the eyes.

  • Halogen lamps

These are the bulbs that are filled with halogen in the tubes.

They have various advantages:-

–  They have a low manufacturing cost hence cheap.

–  They  can appropriately use both direct currentand alternating current.

–  They use less power hence economical.

  • Led lights

This is a light emitting semiconductor [diode] that converts electricity to light energy.

They have various advantages:-

–  low power consumption hence economical.

–  They are Cheap to maintain.

–  They convert energy to light not heat hence don’t cause unnecessary heat.

–   They have an incredibly long life span.

–  Huge variety of white tones and colors

–  Very bright, clean light quality

–  They are dimmable to suit users demand.

–   They are eco- friendly since they have no mercury or lead metals.

Energy Saving Light Maintenance


The bulbs need to be given a high level of maintenance to see to it that they serve for the longest term possible.

The maintenance only requires some bit of discipline not cost or time hence it is still economical.

  • Do not switch the bulb on and off unnecessarily, this reduces the lifespan of the bulb.The bulb should remain for about  20 minutes before they are turned off.
  • Avoid their contact with water.The bulb can even blow up if by any chance you touch it with water.
  • Proper disposal be observed.
  • Some of the energy saving  lights bulbs are mane with some components of mercury and lead which are not friendly to human beings.

Concluding remarks on Energy Saving Lights

To survive inthis life well we have to learn to reduce our living cost to that level that we can manage best.

The surprising thing is that, with all this complains on inflation, people still leave their lights on.Millions of money are lost every day on this careless behavious.

There are various ways that can be used to to reduce the cost of living in reducing energy consumption

They include.

  1. Switch off the lights behind any door you pass.
  2. Switch off gadgets like television and radio when not in use.
  3. Don’t over install lights in your house,one in the usual size rooms is enough.
  4. Remember to purchase energy saving lights.
  5. Switch off garden lights and security lights as the very first thing in the morning.
  6. Do some activities like ironing and dry cleaning in large scale to save on the cost.

We might not be at a position to control the cost of living but we can become flexible to fit in any up coming trend in this unpredictable life.

Next time make sure as you replace any of your lights, you replace with an energy saving light.



Outdoor Led lights

We all know that darkness is the most secretive thing on this world.

Imagine of a home that is poorly lit on its garden; despite of the efforts of making your garden look gorgeous , you will find yourself fearing to walk outside at night.

This is simply because you don’t know what the darkness out there is hiding from you.

Visit some homes today and you find a different scenario, there you will enjoy staying outside watching the immense beauty within your vicinity.

Do you know that a few lights can make a whole transformation to your garden?

What led lights are all about?

In the current world every thing is undergoing a technological revolution, lighting system have not been left behind in the revolution.

The fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lights that have been used out have now been wiped out of the market by this new version that is energy saving and more durable.

What is led lighting? – This is a light emitting semiconductor [diode] that converts electricity to light energy.

Advantages of led lights

  • They are highly energy efficient, doudle as much as others.
  • They have a longer life span.
  • They are eco friendly since they don’t produce ultra violet rays [U.V] rays.
  • They don’t produce any toxins, hence not harmful to users.
  • They don’t produce heat when in use.
  • They don’t attract insects.
  • They are energy saving lights.

There are various types of led lights:-

Led spot lights.

This is a form of led lights that is quite bright and lit mostly one specific area.

They are large lights made with some reflecting materials on one side to concentrate light to one direction.

They are well covered with some insulating materials to prevent entry of water and moisture that reduces its lifespan.

Led down lights

These are the lights that are mostly fixed on the lower part of the garden especially along the path ways.

They are most ideal for that purpose since they produce minimal light. In fact, they have heat sinks that allow air to pass through the fins and efficiently dissipate any generated heat.

They are sold in a fully installed pack that to ease their work of installation.

Led lamps

These are mainly street lights that are used to light the public roads, public open areas and market places.

The lamps can also be used at our homes for purposes like:-

  • Lighting the feeder loads that join the main loads to our homes.
  • Security lighting in our homes.

They are designed to light brightly and over a large area yet they are energy saving lights

Led tubes lights

Florescent tubes have been the dominating type of tube lights all over the world.

Tube bulbs are the most common lighting that is used in homes, houses, offices, institutions and industries.

With the discovery of led tube lights which have all the above out listed advantages it has taken over the responsibility.

Led strips lights

These are the lights that are mostly used in advertising.

There ate various types of led strip lights:-

  • Flexible led strip lights.

They are used in making manes and logos of various institutions as per owners specifications.

  • Rigid led strip lights.

They are used as ordinary energy saving lights.

  • Infrared led strip lights.

They make colored advertisements.

Finally on outdoor led lights.

As we decide on lighting our garden lets not just go for lights that are cheap in the marked in the long run you will come to realize that cheap is expensive.

Go for quality, long lasting and effective lights that will serve you with no side effects.

Go for out door led lights.

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