Garden drainage in Kenya

Is Garden drainage in Kenya a challenge ?Does all the water in your garden go to one point and stagnate there?

When rains come ,all the water from the roof of your house must drain to some destination.

As we all know that water flows to the lower parts ,such parts will always be waterlogged during rainy seasons.

This have adverse effects to the plantations and animals that may be living in such regions.

This is a problem that might have come up as from the initial tine of constructing a home and landscaping your land.

As we would all wish to have relatively dry gardens even during rainy seasons ,we should ensure that we have an effectively working Garden drainage in Kenya.

Garden drainage in Kenya

poor garden drainage in Kenya.

Do you know that soil that drains water within two hours has no problem with drainage?

How long does water remain on your garden after raining?

Then you have to check on these factors:-

Determine the type of soil

The type of soil can also cause a drainage problem due to their different water retention capacities.

Clay soil is the soil that is mostly affected by this problem of water logging since it has the poorest water drainage capacity.

In this kind of regions ,one can replace the clay soil with loam soil which is good at drainage.

Know the water table level

Where the level of the water table is too high there ought to have some water logging occurring  after slight showers.

This might be a tough problem to tackle but it is easily reduced by having a direct garden drainage in Kenya probably by having a cemented trail.

Check the drainage system from the roofs

The drainage system might be directing the water to a single point where the ground may get too much water to drain.

The water from the roofs can be harvested safely and stored in a water tank or a hole and used for other purposes like domestic purpose.

Designing a system of garden drainage in Kenya.

The problem of water drainage can be determined in various ways depending with their causes.

1. Collecting the slope of your garden

Check  where the water from your house gutter  drain towards and where it ends up stagnating.

The garden should slope from that point where the gutters dispatch their water  down wards ..

It should not slope towards other houses and plantations to avoid further destruction.

The drainage of the gutter can also be sank downwards towards the water table ,the water automatically drains downwards.

Alternatively ,the gutter drainage can be piped to a suitable place.

2. Installing a French drain in your garden

Some problems like having water draining from your neighbors garden can be solved within your own garden.

As much as your neighbor would like to control the water from their garden ,some water might still flow to your garden.

Here are some of the steps to consider in installing a French drain in your garden:-

  • Spot the point on your garden where excess water flows to your garden

This is the best point to put up your French drain since it will absorb much of the water.

The point might be at your house foundation or in your garden plantation which automatically cant be the ideal location.

  • Select  the point to locate your French drain

This is a place where excavation of the land would not cause less loss in your garden.

Here you have to create a small slope towards the French drain.

  • Digging a horizontal trench

This is a trench that runs across the sloping region.

It is quite deep thus require much labor and finances to install.

The width depends on the amount of water stagnating at the region.

  • Adding the gravel.

Before adding the gravel,fix some landscape fabric that prevents soil from draining into the gravel.

The gravel [large blocks of stones] are used to fill the trench and finally the landscape fabric

You can cover your French drain with soil to continue using your garden for other purposes.

Concluding remarks on garden drainage in Kenya.

This is a problem that have been bothering you for long but here comes a solution that solves it beyond recognition.

Do you know that you have also walked over a French drain in one of your neighbor’s garden and never knew?

Today have this secret of installing a garden drainage in Kenya.