Table is a word that is used to define a diverse variety of thing but what are tables.

Table: – this is something like a platform that is used to hold various substances and information.



A table is used to hold things together to archive a certain objective. Examples of tables include; coffee table, Epl table, dining table, pool table and champion’s league table.

Majoring on table as furniture, there are various types of tables.

types of tables.

  • Coffee table.

This is a table that is used mainly for living room purposes like placing books, laptops and serving visitors with a cup of tea or coffee.

Coffee table have become the mark points of the middle of most of our living rooms.

There are various coffee table designs:-

Lift top coffee table.

This is that type that is made like a container, with its top opening.

It is most suitable for people who have no time to arrange their houses, incase visitors call in unexpectedly all the trash in the living room is thrown in it and closed.

Adjustable coffee table.

Generally coffee tables are very low which is unfavorable for students and people working with a laptop.

With adjustable coffee table you can adjust its height to a level that is just suitable for you.

Mirrored coffee table.

This is a coffee table with the pot as a mirror.

This type has become the most common type due to its uniqueness and the ability to match with any surrounding like set of sofas.

  • Dining table.

This is a table that have made it to converge ten or so people seated around it for this one and inevitable purpose, eating.

Its presence in its designated room called dining room symbolizes the presence of good food , wine and juices.

Dining tables can be:-

  • Expendable dining table.

Are you those people who always have regular visitors?

It might be stressing to have a big dining table when there are no visitors and a shaming to serve your visitors on their lap tops.

This adjustable dining table will serve you good in both situations.

  • Small space dining table.

You might have a small space for your dining room but there is just a table suitable for that.

Some of these tables are;

  1. Adams three piece set.
  2. Bistro dining table.
  3. Winsome three pieces.

ü  Tall dining table.

This is a high class dining table with sophisticated features that make it the attractive feature in your house.

The table is so high and the chairs are equally high giving it that unique touch.

  • Dressing table.

This is a table that is found in rooms of ladies and girls of in ladies dressing rooms.

It is placed at a cornet with a mirror on the wall and a sink beside it.

On it there are the facial makeups like eye pencils lipsticks eye shadows, sprays and other makeover accessories.

  • Inversion table.

This is a table used for therapy purposes.

As its name suggests, it’s a table where a person with a back ache lie upside down.

This is based on the facts that back ache is caused by excessive pressure on the discs found in the spine.

Lying upside down reduces the pressure thus reducing the back ache.


  • Slide under sofa table.

With this table you have an easy way to store tour books and laptops when not in use.

They are made with an adjustable height to fit under your sofa with all its content on it.

They can be modified with some casters for easier lolling under the sofa.

  • Console table.

This is a table that is designed with different levels like shelves.

They are used to keep fruits books of electronic equipments depending on where they are kept.

  • Kitchen table.

This is outdoor table that are used as dining table.

They are kept under a shade where people are served especially during the day.

They are of two types:-

  • Farm house kitchen table.
  • Black kitchen table.


Do you feel that there is a part of your house that needs a table?

Don’t think you are mistaken, in fact you will realize that you are not the first to have that idea of tables.