Garden ideas for Kenya

What Everyone aught to know about Gardening in Kenya

Whether it the front yard, back yard flowers or vegetables you want on your home garden there are very many cool idesa out there that am sure you will like.

The challenge is that you can plant flowers which wither so fast living you home look like desert during dry seasons. Have  you ever been to place where the flowers are very attractive during the rainy season but During the dry season the garden looks un- kept.

In this case try to plant flowers which will withstand high temperatures during the dry season.

Types of gardening in Kenya

– Edible Gardening

A few weeks ago i visited a home  in Nairobi where edible gardening was among the plantations in the garden. This left me wondering whether Kenyan have any idea. about it.

Planting some attractive edibles like fruits vegetables and herbs that are domestically consumed after maturity can be very attracting.

Container Gardening

This is a more flexible form of gardening.

It is highly recommended in arid regions due to its relatively high water retention capacity.

Also used in decorating the patios and around the concrete path ways.

-None Edible Gardening

This is the most common type of gardening.

The flowers used have an advantage of being long life span thus easier to maintain.

Trees and shrubs are preferably planted 5 to10 meters from the house to avoid crowding. This allows a large area of view hence the tree of shrub’s beauty is well seen.

They should be maintained at a manageable height for easy pruning i.e maintenance.

Garden Carpeting

Garden carpeting is easy to maintain and long lasting. Make a transformation on it by planting a suitable ground cover.

Grass is the most common garden cover used.

It brings out that sensation of a garden for it’s a plant other than other carpeting that are made or concrete and timber.


Soil texture, capillarity and fertility are the major factors to consider. Red loam soil is highly preferred for it is best in all this aspects.

– Pests and Diseases

Flowers are also highly affected by pests and diseases hence high level of maintenance should be observed. High quality of the plants eases this problem.

The gardens should be cleaned regularly to remove dropped leaves, flowers and fruits.

Pesticides and herbicides should also be applied when necessary.

Concluding remarks on Garden in Kenya

It is important to make your garden attractive and neat.  We give the best advice when it comes to Gardening in Kenya .