Irrigating home garden

What is irrigating home garden? Have you ever noticed when weeds sprout in your gardens? When our plantations do very well? Garden do well during the rainy seasons.

This is simply because of the moisture availability in the soil.The comparison of our plants between the rainy season and the sunny season is too diverse.

I have seen someone having done a change over on this environmental  nature exclusively on his garden  and come up outstanding all year round.

Do you believe you can also do it in your garden ?

This is not as tiresome activity as many people have taken it to be you only have to do it professionally.


Irrigating home garden

Irrigating home garden

Benefits associated with Irrigating home garden

Irrigation is done for on plants for various purposes.

Some we might not be aware of but we must have noticed then on poorly irrigated plants.

  1. Improve germination and plants strength when sprouting
  2. Maintain uniform growth of plants from the young age.
  3. Reduce plant wilting.
  4. Aid in flower emergence.
  5. Improve quality of yield like size
  6. Prevent clacking of soil.

Reducing water needed for irrigating home garden.

Irrigating a land might be quite expensive if not well managed.

There are some various methods that can be applied on a land to reduce loss of moisture from the soil thus less water needed for irrigation.

Choosing type of soil.

There are three types of soil that have different  water holding capacities.

Sand soil has the least water  holding capacity while clay soil has very poor drainage thus they are not suitable for irrigation.

Loam soil has an average water retention capacity and good drainage thus the most suitable for irrigation.


This is the act of covering the ground with  organic materials that are put directly on the ground without covering the plantations.

They prevent direct sunlight from reaching the ground thus reducing water loss from the soil through evaporation.

It also have an added advantage of preventing weeds from growing.

Overhead covers.

Structures and large plants that provide shade to the plants also help to promote water re-tension in the soils.

The shades should not totally prevent sun from reaching the plantation since it is a necessary factor of germination.

They also block winds that blow away the moisture in the region giving room for more evaporation.

The strong winds cannot cause damage to the small plants since they are blocked by this over head covers.

Time of irrigation

Irrigation is done when there is limited sun especially in the early morning and late evening to prevent evaporation.

The water should have a few hours on the ground for the plants to take in enough for their survival.

Methods of irrigating home gardens.

There are various types of irrigation that are used depending on various factors like:-

  • Size of garden.

Where the garden is small, over head irrigation is not appropriate thus underground irrigation like drip irrigation should be used.

  • Water availability in the garden.

Some type of irrigation like overhead irrigation requires too much water.

Drip irrigation requires lesser water thus more popular.

  • Type of plants.

Plants that need a lot of water need overhead irrigation that does not limit the water used in irrigation.

  • Drip/trickle irrigation

This are pipes that are laid under ground that have perforations around the stem of the plant.

It is an economical way of irrigation that requires less manpower and maintenance cost.

Its only drawback is its expensive installation cost that is quit tiresome in laying down the pipes.

Massive damage can happen when leakages occur an dare not repaired  fast enough.

  • Over head irrigation

This is a type of irrigation where tools like sprinklers are used to spread water on the land with the plantations.

It needs to have somebody who will connect the system when irrigating and disconnect them after irrigation.

It is suitable for  gardening where the plants are only there for a season  since it requires no installation cost.

Concluding remarks on irrigating home garden

This is the only way that can ensure plants remain healthy and admirable all through the year.

Ask any successful gardener the secret they use and am sure the outlet answer will be ,Irrigating home garden.