Sinks have brought an amazing transform to the level of hygiene  in our homes.

The initial way of using a basket of water to wash every body in the house didn’t portray any kind of hygiene.

The worst part was in brushing out teeth, where could we be spiting the paste.

They have a special drainage system that is so effective.

They are made of materials that are easily cleaned hence easy to maintain.



The materials include:-

  • Porcelain.
  • Granite.
  • Cooper.
  • fiber grass
  • Stainless steal
  • Stone .
  • Wood.

They are made of different designs and sizes to suit different uses.

1. Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks is the most popular type of sink used in our houses.

Their majour function is containing utensila as they are being cleaned.

Threre are the traditional ones like porcelain and wooden ones dut lately there is a modern invention of fiberglass and stainless sreal that have more advantages.

  • Black sink.

This is a sink of its own kind that has this mysterious looks of color black.

Having paintrd your kitchen cabinets black, you can match them with this black sink to get that elegant and unique look inyour kitchen.

They have an advantage of being easy to clean.

They are also of a variety of desighs to suit the need of different people and aare  readily available in the market for affordable prises.

  • Stainless steal sink

It is among the most common types of sink due to their advantages .

They include:-

  • They are the type with the largest sizes which is just ideal to accommodate large utencils when washing.
  • Their drainage pipes are not visible enhancing neatness.
  • They are made of a stsinless steal that makes then neat and durable.
  • They can be easily cleaned and don’t rust when some food remains in it.
  • They require minimal or no maintenance ,thet are cleaned with just the regular soap.
  • Acrylic sink.

Yet again this sink has its uniqueness ou durability and good looks.

They are made with a hard material that is resistant to scratch and fading .

Their surfaces are made of compact rocking materials that are none absorbent and non porous.

They also have an advantage of being resistant to cracking and getting stains over a long time of usage.

They are made of a wide variety of colors to suit the demands of different people .

  • Corner sink.

This is a sink that is fitted at the corners of the kitchen.

They are ideal due to their ability to save on space.

2. Bathroom sinks

This is a sink specially meant for cleaning the teeth and the largeones for bathing.

  • Small bathroom sink.

They  are made with modeling designs that are just suitable for small bathrooms.

They are cheap to buy and esy to install thus ecomonical to have.

They are most ideal for teeth brushing and cleaning our faces.

Due to their small sizes they are easy do maimtain.

  • Pedestal sink.

This are the common sinks used in bairth rooms for prrth brushing and washing the face.

They have a porcerain stant touching the ground,

Their drainage pipe is installes in its stand fhus enhancing neatness.

They are resistant to stain and are easy to clean.

  • Bathing sink

This are the large luxury tubs that are filled with water either hot of cold.

They are most ideal for large bath rooms.

  • Pedestal sinks

are the most ideal for living rooms and dinning rooms.

Sinks have made it to maintain our houses dry and clean