Alternative Homes

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just when going camping or safari that alternative homes come in handy. Shelters considered alternative housing are those that are made using none conventional materials and designs. You will, however find out that what one considers alternative in one place could turn out to be the standard the standard elsewhere. The designs of shelters, both for habitation and storage are determined by various factors. These range from weather, topography and purpose among others.

Alternative homes: Fixed.

Alternative Homes

Alternative Homes






The fixed type of alternative home is one where a house is constructed and fixed either permanently or semi permanently. These houses as mentioned above are usually made of materials that are readily available. The lifestyles of the home owner are another factor that dictates how and what to construct the house with. Some of the materials used for construction include;

Clay: A skeleton structure of the building is first put in place after which clay is used to fill up. These houses are cheap and easy to construct.

Shipping containers: These come as almost ready structures and all that is required is creating partitions as required. These can be a little bit expensive but once in ready the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. They are durable quite resistant to the elements and intrusion.

Hay bale house: Stacks of hay are used to feel up spaces between poles to create walls. This is cheap and comfortable.

Alternative Homes: Tree houses

Tree houses are a form of alternative home built a top a tree mostly for proposes of adventure. They are however used as ordinary dwellings. The structures need to be constructed carefully to ensure safety from strong winds.  An Unbelievable truth about tree houses is that these houses can be fitted with all the necessary features of an ordinary house. It is not often that you will find tree houses as family dwellings but the hospitality in is awash with these types in places like hotel settings.

Alternative Homes: Mobile

These types of alternative home are quite popular with travelers. The shelters are usually trailers that are attached to a vehicle from which the can be detached if desired. A mobile house has all the features of an ordinary house. For energy needs, the house has a generator and an interface for connecting electricity from an external source. The greatest advantage with a mobile home is its mobility. The flexibility and indeed the thought of the freedom and ability to choose neighbors and neighborhoods are just too enticing.

This type of housing is a fad that is catching up fast. Most people have for various reasons had to give up on conventional housing. Most of these houses are considered cheaper and easier to construct. Others like tree houses are a testimony to ones adventurous spirit thus the allure. Mobile houses are actually a solution for a need to have your home where you choose to take it. Whatever your reason is alternative homes are as good as ordinary homes.