Building Plans in Kenya

There are many types and designs of Building Plans in Kenya. This is because of difference in topology of the Kenyan land, the economic capacity of the person building it as well as the climate of the region.When building you must have adequate knowledge of the building plans in Kenya and especially in the area you want to construct your house to avoid conflict with the rest of the neighbors in the neighborhood.

With the passage of time, House Plans in Kenya are having a sea change on their layout and design. This is because of the different upcoming architectural styles and designs plans in Kenya and building materials in Kenya.

Geography and location is also responsible for this change. So join us homesbeauty.com as we discuss below different Building Plans in Kenya with different structures and design elements. These include the bungalows, the townhouses, and colonial structures, villas…just to name a few.

Building plans in Kenya

Building plans in Kenya

How to make a purchase of Building Plans in Kenya

Building Plans is a milestone and everyone has the desire of owning a house once you are attain the financial stability.

The building of the house can be overwhelming at first so one has to careful, and know what you are up to and do it perfectly.

1. Estimations and plan for it.

This is the magnification of your dream house, where it is started by having a drawn sketch of the Building Plans in Kenya. Make estimations of the plan and formulate on a piece of graph paper that is drawn to the scale.

The importance of planning is that is helps you understand the nature of your Building  and the perfect location of your house plan Kenya. This takes one to the next step where the person gets in touch with the architect who is committed and affordable

2. Arrange your finances well

This is obvious the second step to take when you need to have the Building Plans . After you have all the assets required in the building processes make the purchase of the building materials.

Make sure that you know the kind of the house you want so that you in apposition to save your self the suffering that is brought about huge money loss or time wastage.

To reduce your finances spread in the work, you need to have yourself involved in the many works in the construction site.

These minor jobs you do on your own eat considerable portion of your bidet, It us recommendable that you do these minor jobs on your own.

Foundation for the Building Plans in Kenya

Building Plans  must have good and well planned foundation since this is the core and the very first thing to consider when building a house.

A house plan with good foundation has a good stand and is not vulnerable to any weather changes like heavy rains as well can withstand a lot heavy and strong winds. There are many types of foundation that vary on the weather condition, climatic condition as well as the core use of the house.

1. Full basement foundation

It is mainly found in areas that are cold and the foundation is usually situated below the frost level of your house.

It is very cheap and convenient to the owner since it provides a large living room that is enough for the user and the family to occupy. This Building Plans  Can be well used in places with limited resources in terms of land.

2. Crawl space Foundation

This is the foundation for heavy clay content regions. The Building Plans in Kenya with the crawl foundation are constructed with brick facing structure and the height between the walls is held by mortal that is put in between them.

However, this type of foundation has one disadvantage where the building is ever damp.

3. Slap foundation

This mainly lay on a high water table levels so no much job and time is require to build this structure.

Ending remarks on Building Plans in Kenya

Building up a house is not that easy but with good guidance the task is greatly done with expertise. Consequently, make a visit to homesbeauty.com for more ideas on how to go about Building Plans in Kenya