Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree which traces back to American Revolution period with the German immigrants in the United States and it has have a constant gain in value and popularity to date.  Following its history, I has had a consistent spread and advancement from the natural tree to an elegant design of an artificial makeup used today. Why a Christmas tree… How did a tree have to be the symbol of this highly remarkable day to all the Christians in the world!

Significance of a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Statistics have shown that over 200 million trees are purchased on this Christmas period. This is said to have started with Martin Luther who one night brought a fir tree to his family. Fir was the word for fire and it is well known that fire symbolized the Holy Spirit. The true meaning of various parts of the tree: –

  • The green tree: – They are used to symbolize the evergreens, the ever-burning fire of life.
  • The candy canes: – A symbol of the shepherd’s crook used by the shepherd to gather the strayed sheep.
  • The lighting: – Symbol of the salvation of mankind… Jesus Christ died on the cross to bring light to the world.
  • The decorative balls: – Used to represent the creation of God; the stars and the planets.
  • The bells: – They serve as a constant reminder of who our savior is. That tinkling sound guides the lost back to God’s ways.
  • The gifts: – When we hand the gifts on the tree we symbolize the greatest gift given to us by Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for our sins.

These trees have an inward way of showing appreciation of birth of the son of God Jesus Christ and the Incarnation.

Types of Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are grouped into two major types; the natural Christmas trees and the artificial Christmas trees. The only difference is that the artificial trees can be used for more than one period but their designs and features are same.

  • Leyland Cypress: – This a Christmas tree with upright branches that are characterized by their feathery appearance, a light scent, dark green almost grey color and  a firm stem.
  • Fraser Fir: – Have a close semblance to the nordman fir but with ease distinction by the fact that it has more branches than the base is not as wide.
  • Eastern Red Cedar: –  Have very unique features with the leaves sticky to touch and a shiny dark green color. Have a short span of two to three weeks then dries off.
  • Deodara Cadar: -This is a bluish tree that is short with =the branches taking a pendulous shape at the peak.
  • Nordman fir: – Characterized by its soft needle property which are wide, flat with a dark green color and a wide base.
  • Balsam Fir: – Credited to have the most long lasting needles that are short and flat with a rounded tip. The tree has a general color of dark green with a characteristic silvery cast.
  • Australian pine: – Have long needles averagely 4-6 inches in length and a characteristic dark green color. The tree is popular for it is not fragile.
  • Ponderosa Pine: – Have their needles with a lighter color compared to that of the Australian pine.

Top Tips on Installation of a Christmas Tree

Currently there are many Industries which are offering services of Christmas tree installation but It still remains a refreshing activity and hobby to may; I also prefer taking my time and coming up with something creative for my family.

Below are the top tips used

  1. Unpack the things to be used: – Having taken time to purchase the lights, ribbons balloons and the tree you need to carefully unpack them and place it at a position easily traced not to miss it out.
  2.  Choose a strategic position: – The position matters a lot; place the tree at a place where it is easily notices but does not distract the activities of the people in the house.
  3.  Ensure the area is professionally lit: – A dull lighting is preferred to allow easy visibility of the flash lights on it and the shiny ribbons and balls.

  Do not over stuff it: – Put just enough of the ornaments that it can carry without sagging and leaving enough gaps for the tree to be also noticed.

These tips are easy to be ignored but they create the whole difference between an attractive Christmas tree and a common tree. The arrangement of the ornaments  depends on the creativity of the person designing it. Christmas tree is one of the inventions that have retained their significance over a long period and it it evident that they will continue being used and cherished by many.