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What is Color Orange – Kenya



Color Orange in Kenya

Color Orange in Kenya



Color orange in Kenya is one of the most used colors for painting houses. In the past this color was considered as a particular community’s color. This believes are no more.

Last week i went for lunch in a hotel in Nairobi but the interior paints were faded, and the combination of the colors was not matching.

Remember the color and especially in a hotel speaks it all of how you are. choose blight colors in such places like hotels and dinning room to create a feeling of hygiene

When choosing which color to paint your house, consider where its  being painted.  The feeling you want to create.

What is your favorite color?I like Orange because it brings warmth in the room. For those who like cool colors you can consider soft orange like peach orange.

Color Orange also make a room beautiful. Try painting your room color orange and it shall transform the look of your home.

I prefer this color painted in the dinning room because it increases appetite.



Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow. Orange is the color in the edge because it represents a changing season. It can also be referred as late harvest.

Consider also soft Orange which is smooth and friendly. Peach Orange is one of them.

Power of Color Orange in Kenya

Orange is a color that is associated with warmth of the sun. It is a healing and power color and also increases appetite. It is believed to bring luck by ladies. Orange stimulates passion and imaginations.  It means strength and patience.

If you want to be noticed without screaming consider for it demands attention. It results to discovery of new things because it brings curiosity.  It can calls up thoughts of vitamin c and good health.  To be clear in your mind you need color orange which is full of life.

Secrets of Adding Orange in you Life

–       To add originality

–      Brings break from things becoming too harsh

–      It draws you in to something

–      Spice up things when you feel time is dragging


Color Orange in Kenya and other colors

-It creates tropical when mixed with green

-Orange can careful be combined with deep purple

-unless you want to create rhythm, use caution mixing orange and pink

-It can blend with medium blue, red brown and yellow

-It can contrast indigo

Concluding remark of color Orange

Try color orange in Kenya on your dinning room wall for it brings craving for food feeling