Container gardening

Container gardening is a way of planting flowers and vegetables in pots and containers especially in areas with unsuitable planting soils. It can also be very helpful in urban areas where land is limited and hence one cannot get ample space for gardening. Pot gardening is the ultimate gardening solution to factors such as poor quality soils, limited garden space, pest infections and physical disabilities.

Container gardening ideas.

Container gardening

Container gardening












This kind of a gardening offers a wide range of ideas .One can opt to plant vegetables of all kinds or herbs or like most people flowers. There are a wide range of pots and containers for planting and one needs to ensure either the containers do not have toxic paints or if they do they should be treated. Here are some ideas to help you with pot gardening project:-

  • Container selection:-The best containers for gardening can be plastic, treated wood, metallic and porcelain containers although the latter have to be well handled due to fragility. One can decide to be creative and use old work boots for containers as well as hanging baskets, planter boxes and flower pots. The most important factor to consider when choosing gardening containers is their durability.
  • Potting mixture:-The type of soil you use is also another factor to consider. It can be taken care of by mixing sandy soils and farm compost and manure with the planting soil. This improves the soils fertility and drainage and curbs water logging.
  • Gardening plants:-There are a wide range of options to choose from and one can integrate several house vegetables with herbs and citrus plants.

Benefits of container gardening

There are various reasons as to why one would need  a container for gardening as opposed to looking for a farm or buying produce from the market. The following are some of the reasons why you should try container gardening:-

  • Flexibility and mobility. When plants are in containers, they make it easier for you to relocate them whenever need be and even better when relocating to another town or state hence you don’t have to worry about replanting again.
  • container gardening  create interest by breaking the monotony of flowers only and grass fields by creating an ambient scene  and building a simple theme in the garden.
  • They bring nature into people’s lives by placing them around the house on patios, decks of wherever one may fell comfortable
  • It is a way of enjoyment without limitations since even the physically disabled are able to garden hence it makes it easier to garden.
  • It is also a great way to control pest infections since when one pot is infested all you needed to do is relocate it to avoid infection of the other plants.

Creative container gardening designs

Creating a unique and lovely container garden is a task that is very easy to accomplish especially if you’re a gardening enthuthiast.It requires some tricks the first rule being breaking traditional barriers and norms and common up with great and wild ideas that will bring out uniqueness.

The first thing about creative container gardening is that it should make a difference to your whole garden design. Right from the shapes of the containers that are more designed and uncommon finished with different colors. Use materials such as ceramic and stainless steel and most of all they should vary in designs and sizes. This gives your container gardening design a whole new dimension and look.

Container gardening can spruce up your garden yard even if it is large, add spice and creativity to the garden making it; you can call it hitting two birds with one stone