Couch slipcovers

The use of couch slipcovers was mostly used back in the day as a method of decoration and also as a way of protecting the couches or chair from wear and tear. its currently rarely used. it  has therefore been reintroduced into the market with awesome  designs and lovely fabrics and the response from the clients has been very positive worldwide.

Today, the couch slipcovers  are designed to perfectly fit the couches  and the materials used  are stretchable meaning they fit perfectly and they can fit on all types and sizes .They are  designed to fit the arm rests will hence you do not have to worry about it.

 Couch slipcover ideas

Couch slipcover

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Before discarding your old couches or chairs, it is good to think about improving their look by using couch slipcovers. Using contemporary slipcovers can turn a beat up look into a great beauty design. They are better than buying new furniture and they are available in so many options which can suite your couches and interior greatly.

  • Slipcover fabric type:-long gone are the days when couch slipcovers were used to keep the couches from dust. They are now used as beauty and design decorators for houses. They come in various fabrics and patterns to suite your taste. They bring about life and beauty as well as protect your couches from damage.
  • Matching designs and colors for each chair can also be achieved and they have strings that are used to tie together and zippers as well as elastics .Other great fabrics include water-resistant fabrics which are ideal for households with small kids.
  • Customized couch slipcovers:-If you have a specific fabric or design that you would want to cover your couches, then all you need to do is tell a designer and they will make them to your specifications. These instructions are also found on the internet which will help you how to choose the measurements for the designs and there are some suppliers who are ready to make custom fabrics for you.

Another idea is one that will help you properly tuck the edges of the couch slipcovers for a smooth surface on your couch. They are also very easy to clean by use of washing machine.

Cheap couch slipcovers

There are many affordable couch slipcovers and hence one should not have an excuse for a worn out couch. The most affordable couch slipcovers are:-

  • Suede couch slipcovers:-They are available in many colors and better still you can suede the couch slipcover .This is one of the greatest slipcovers due to its feel and look .It is also washable.
  • Stretch couch slipcovers:-they are elastic especially on the corners, they also have separate seat cushions and a wearable fabric making it comfortable to fit them in and creating great transformation of an old couch to your favorite love seat.
  • Denim couch slipcovers:-This is a very durable fabric and comes in very affordable designs and styles. It is easily washable and stain resistant so you need not worry of permanent stains.
  • Throw covers are the loveliest way to create beauty since it is tucked into the cushion and then left to drape elegantly. This would be perfect for silver designs and is very cheap to dress up the couches.

To get maximum benefits from couch slipcovers, make sure the fabric that you prefer is easily washable .This will make it easier for you to clean when signs of dirt show and they should be hand or machine washed to reduce expenses of taking them for professional cleaning services.

Mattress covers are an important product and part of the beddings and hence it is important to select wisely when purchasing one. They are supposed to protect the mattress itself as well as the user and most of the products are very appealing to the eye but of very poor quality.

Mattress cover designs range to a wide range of color and artistic designs which can blend with the room theme. They are readily available and affordable to all depending on the quality and design.

How to choose a mattress cover

Due to the availability and wide range of choices in designs and colors, one may be tempted to look at the artwork rather than the quality of the mattress as to which it is supposed to serve its purpose. Here are some ideas that can assist you in choosing the right mattress cover for you complete with great designs and quality assurance.

  • First and foremost, before purchasing any mattress covers, always make sure you know the size of the mattress to avoid buying and undersize or oversize mattress cover. This is because some are not labeled and this is best to use the bed size dimensions.
  • Size of the mattress pad. The size of the mattress pad that is in contact with the mattress should aide in liquid absorption so as to avoid damage to the mattress as well as it should assist in perspiration and aeration of the mattress. The top of the mattress cover should be smooth and comfortable for the user to be in since its only separation is a bed sheet.
  • Use hypoallergenic mattress covers. These are a very popular cover for most consumers due to their designed ability to minimize allergenic exposure to the mattress which are very common in bedrooms are a cause of asthmatic attacks and allergy infections.

Advantages of good mattress covers

Having a good mattress cover is very different from purchasing just a cover. They can be relatively expensive but it is always wise for one to buy the best mattress cover so as to avoid unnecessary sicknesses and infections but sleep comfortably.

  • Maximum protection from spills and liquid damages. Accidental spills of soda, tea or other liquids can happen anytime and they can easily destroy the mattress and at the same time creating foul smells in the room. A good mattress cover will absorb the liquid spills and protect the mattress from damage.
  • Total comfort. It is difficult to sleep well with strains on your back and fouls smell from the mattress but the more expensive the mattresses cover, the more comfortable it is. They provide warmth in cold nights and fluffiness when you’re sleeping.
  • Protections against parasites such as dust mites since most of them are very dusty when new. They result to asthma infections and even medical doctors advise that one uses a mattress cover. They also protect against bacteria that cause health problems.
  • Waterproof mattress cover:-this mattress cover provides all benefits of a normal good mattress cover and in addition they are waterproof. This means liquid spills cannot pass through at any given time.
  • Allergy mattress cover:-This is a modified mattress cover that are specifically designed for people who are easily prone to asthma attacks and other different types of allergies caused by pollution of the air either due to dust particles or other factors.
  • Memory foam mattress cover:-This is designed to increase more comfort especially for people who suffer from back aches.

Mattress cover types

Mattress covers have been there ever since time in memorial but most people ignore them thinking it is a waste of money. The fact is that they protect us from various factors that may otherwise make our lives a little more complicated than they actually should be and better still is that they are very easy to clean once they get dirty or spilled on.