Curtains Designs in Kenya

Have you ever thought of Curtains Designs in Kenya as a window treatment in your house? Recently I visited a friend whose living room curtains are light gold and purple with red Asian flower patterns on them. The curtains rods were typical chrome and straight which matched perfectly with the bamboo floor mats keeping in touch with the Asian theme.

This was a great inviting look that told much of the rest of the house since it was the first impression.

Curtains Designs in Kenya

Curtains Designs in Kenya

The basic function of a curtain is to prevent excess sunlight from entering the room, give the room a personality by provision of privacy, and create a comfortable and intimate feeling in the room hence giving the room a complete look.

Today curtains are not only used as a window treatment but also a home decorating item because it gives a room grace and elegance hence increase the energy of the room.

A proper maintenance of our house involves many steps and the selection of curtains is also one of these crucial steps. There are various types of curtains in the market and you can select from them depending with your requirement. The size, shape, colors, designs and patterns are huge and it is not easy to select from these vast options. From fabrics, there are different designs, patterns shapes and sizes.

Tips of choosing beautiful Curtains Designs in Kenya.

i) Color

All of your decorating materials should match up or complement with each other; otherwise, your decor will throw conflicting vibes in the room, hence the room appearing clumsy.

Setting an ambiance in a room can fast be done by adding curtains. Colors help in distinguishing the room and putting the atmosphere, where the walls define the room and the curtains sets its atmosphere.

Bright colors are the best for the room curtain interior decor, for instance the lime green since it gives the room an inviting warm look as well as make the available space for the room appear larger. Dull colors can however be used to make a large room small.

Your curtains should not be more than three colors since they should be determined by the ceiling, furniture, walls paints and the floor.

ii) Fabric

Curtains can be made from cotton, linen or silk. The fabric used plays a major role in determining the shape of your curtain; folded, sagging, straightened. Most people prefer straightened curtains but I challenge you today to try folded or sagged designs right from the curtain rod.

Fabric also affects your curtain thickness. Heavy thick curtains are used to promote privacy as well cast shadows of the persons in the room especially in the bedrooms while the light thin curtains are meant to allow sunlight enter the rooms.

iii) Curtain Designs and patterns

Curtain pattern and designs do not have specific rule as long as it fits your look best. Curtain pattern and designs have a wide range like:

  • The brocadeIs a raised pattern with floral designs and mostly used in the kitchen     and dining. It is the best type of inexpensive curtain.
The brocade

The brocade









  • Chintz Is a curtain pattern with many prints with a light color background.















  • Embroidered curtain patterns Are the best for the modern house since they are very classical.
Embroidered curtain patterns

Embroidered curtain patterns















iv) Curtain rod

You do not have to purchase expensive window treatment hardware to hang your curtain. You can use a cheap rod which is appealing by:

1. Measure the Window

Measure the dimensions of your windows.

Make sure you add a few inches to each side where the rod extends beyond the window flame; this is meant to allow shortening of the rod when in doubt.

2. Buy the rods.

You have many options when buying the rods. You can use wooden rods which are painted whatever color you want to marry with your interior décor, use a metal or any cylindrical rod.

Ensure that the diameter is not too large for your curtains.

3. Have brackets

Mount the brackets on the wall, insert the rod into the curtain and finally hand the rod in the brackets.

Finally, add creativity by adding hooks.

v) Size

All curtains whether door curtains, shower curtains need to be in the right measurements. You also need the actual measurement of the windows, doors so that you can decide on the dimensions of the curtains.

Knowing the exact size of your curtain is one of the vital things you should know before you buy curtains. It should not be small or bigger in comparison to your window or the doors.

Good choice of curtain dimension helps you customize your curtains or any other furnished looks in your home.

Depending with the size of the opening your curtain can be floor length or sheer length.

Types of curtains designs in Kenya

simple curtains

simple curta









  • Simple curtains.

Plain linen and cotton are simple and commonly used to make beautiful and cheap curtain.These materials are an option for any room and can be designed in various designs.

sheer curtains

sheer curtainsSheer curtains










They are usually made from very light fabrics and commonly used for privacy and allow only  minimal light into the room. Sheers are draped inside  a window curtain .   Sheer  makes a fantastic shower curtain.



window scarf

window scarfWindow scarf










Window scarf is a long curtain that is draped along a window curtain rod. It can be made to create different designs such as knots or it can simple be twisted.

pencil pleating

pencil pleating










  • Pencil pleating.

They have thin pleats across the top which flows down to the bottom of a curtain. This type of curtains are easy to make and create an elegant design in a room.












  • Valance

It is designed to cover only the top of a window creating a very beautiful design.This designs are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom curtains.

valance and drapes

valance and drapes










  • Valence and drapes

They commonly  suit living rooms and bedrooms because they add color and design in your room. Simply design a Valance that matches with a draper.

am guessing you are wondering where you can buy these beautiful curtains. worry no more i have done research and come up with afew shops where you could buy the curtains. the shops also have their websites so you could just google them for more information. here is my list:-

Fency curtain shop lavington green – Nairobi Kenya
Curtains & Cover Ltd, Nairobi
Jambo Curtains, Nairobi
Maguta Curtains, Nairobi
Jane-curtains And Loose Covers, Nairobi
Jairo Fashion And Design, Nairobi
Hill Drapers, Nairobi
Diacin Agencies, Nairobi
Precious curtain shops, Nairobi
Zigzag Furnishings, Nairobi
Tile and Carpet Centre Limited, Nairobi
Sumark Drapers Limited, Nairobi
Spiegel Interiors Limited, Nairobi
Nairobi Drapers (K) Limited, Nairobi
Kenya linen Drapers (K) Limited, Nairobi

For those people living far away from Nairobi, i will do my research on where to find curtain shops outside Nairobi and update the post so keep re-visting the website for more information

Concluding remark on Curtains Designs in Kenya

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