Design of Celebrity Homes

Design of Celebrity Homes in Kenya differs from one  celebrity to another.

Stars are associated with great things, they make it to maintain that great reputation by having everything at the top of ranking; if you want to single out stars, look out in the Design of Celebrity Homes ranking.

It might be difficult to single out a celebrity by the kind of cars they drive, the kind of clothes they wear or even people they relate to but housing has done it.

Look out even in your locality, there is that house that you find quite unique, you might not know why but you admire every time you set your eyes on it; that’s the celebrity near you.

 Design of Celebrity Homes

Design of Celebrity Homes

Design of Celebrity Homes

Once an individual is a celebrity, they tend to concentrate more on their security than luxury of prestige.

Their housing can tell it all, you will never tell what is beyond the second gate that you can see from a far, not unless you were one of the constructors.

Once their houses achieve the high standard of security all other qualities like privacy and luxury automatically creep in.

I may not be a celebrity but I can help you live like one or even become; just protect your house from the curious eyes of the passersby.

Interior Design of Celebrity Homes.

Are celebrities the most creative people? I can’t tell, but it’s a fact that each lives a very unique lifestyle. Look at their housing, they build then not according to the current trends but to their own satisfactory and knowledge. The houses will be highly majored on what they like of do in life.

Taking the arthritics as an example, their houses have body building equipment that helps them maintain fit at all time. Can your home tell what you like most or do? If not then you are not a celebrity.

If they involve designers to design the furniture in their houses, then I would say that we do a lot of harm to our self by doing it ourselves. You will find everything placed at the right place and for the right purpose. Am not underrating our homes, but many are the times we regret why we bought this or that.

The size of the celebrity house does not matter, after all you will never see it you curious eyed fellow.

Exterior Design of Celebrity Homes.

This are the parts of the homestead that makes the whole difference, the parking and garage are large enough to accommodate the cars of any visitor that calls in without considering those of their own.

They can have a whole vacation in their homes with a swimming pool, a pitch or the game they love most and home forest where they can hang out enjoying the simplicity of nature.

Funny enough all this is well protected from the curious eyes, a perimeter wall surrounds the compound keeping it out of vicinity.

Full security measures are considered, be it electric fencing, sensor cameras, flood lighting or even the qualified personnel that is in full time patrol around the house.

Outside the massive gate they don’t seat back and wait for the government to do the role of tarmacking  the road, probably this is what the wise men meant when they said “money is power”.


Want to be a celebrity? Simple, don’t copy what others have done, be unique and come up with an idea that will call for attention from your neighborhood.

Don’t import labor; use the locally available labor to apply your ideas. Don’t be in a hurry, as them and they will tell you that great achievers are those who know the power of patience and persistence.

Not many will try to do this and that’s why few homes will attain the standard Design of Celebrity Homes.