Visitors to your home may have passed through the garden and got very pleased but on seeing the type of doors we have in our homes they get totally turned off.

The door is the very first impression that creates the picture of what is in your house.

As much as you concentrate in your interior décor don’t ignore this important part.

A door in your house should symbolize what is in the room or cabinet, by that you will have done it, people would have that curiosity to see more.

This is the simplest way of making your home be welcoming.

Uses of doors

  1. Create sense of privacy in your house or room.
  2. Allow exit and entrance to a house.
  3. Enhance Security when closed.
  4. Prevent harsh environmental conditions like wind dust, rain from affecting the interior.
  5. Decoration purposes

Materials used in making  a door.



Door can be made of different materials to suit any of the above purposes.

All the materials should be at position to withstand constant movements as its being opened and closed.

The materials used include:-

  • Wood

This is a perfect material for decoration purposed.

Wood can be carved by a specialized artist to form a door with an eye catching portrait on the door.

It is one of the most common types of home house doors used in Kenya.

  • Glass

They lack privacy hence commonly used for public houses like banks and exhibitions.

The quality of the grass can be chosen depending with the intended purpose of the house.

For security purposes, bullets prove glass is used.

  • Metallic door.

This is a common type of door due to its advantage of serving almost all the purposes of a door.

They are hard enough to offer security to the house, the y are totally enclosed hence enhance privacy, protect the interior from environmental conditions and above all they can be made with some artistic decorations.

Types of doors

Doors are made of different types which are specifically designed to serve different types of functions as out listed in the uses above.

Taking security door as an example, It is too massive for constant opening and closing.

They can be designed either as sliding door or slumming door. Slumming door are the most common.

  • Sliding door.

Make this cool decision of saying no more slumming door in your home.

Sliding door makes a house have that kind and welcoming atmosphere, as you walking admiring the make up in the house you are not destructed by the hard slumming of the massive door behind you.

These type has no problem with how many times they are opened or how much energy is required to open and close it.

They can also be automated to serve you with maximum luxury of just pressing a button to command it open and close.

  • Dutch door.

It  is a door with two half door that is joined to be one opening on opposite sides and leaving a wide opening.

They are common in rooms with large volume of people walking in and out like churches.

  • Saloon door.

These are two half door like Dutch door but hey open on either side.

It  is usually half the height of other door.

They are common in bars since are not easily destroyed by constant and careless opening.

This is a type of a door that neither offer security nor privacy.

  • Wicket door.

It is a small door within other large door.

They are fitted there for easy opening when people are walking in and out.

They are common in palaces and castles.

  • Garage door.

It is a large doors that open into car garages.

They should be massive to offer security to the vehicles.

They can be designed as Dutch door or sliding door.

  • Closet doors.

It is a door used in wardrobes in the bedrooms.

It is a simple door just meant to enclose the cloths for neatness of the room.

This are some of the types of a door that will serve you best in any of the requirements you opt to go  for in the uses of doors.