exterior designs in Kenya

Is exterior designs in Kenya a challenge?

Many  home’s exterior designs in Kenya is a big issue. I recently visited a friend at her home in Nairobi and i expected to be impressed with her garden. This was  from the impression she always gave us. She could always brag to have come from those posh areas in Nairobi.Truth be told, have never been into her home before but i didn’t expect what i saw. Her garden was poorly done .

Sometimes the thought that comes into your mind when you think of doing a make over to your home is Money!. I have been in the some problem too.

Here are a few step to follow to make your home wonderful:

Garden fencing in Kenya

Have the pests in your home curtailed your efforts to perfect your home garden? Here comes a solution that leaves a smile on your face. Try out what many others in a situation similar to yours have tried and proved to be the perfect way out. Garden fencing is one of the most enjoyable activities in gardening that brings out a total new look on your entire garden. There are various types of garden fencing:-

1.Bamboo Fencing Bamboo sticks can be used to create a traditional out look  or a modern out look.

exterior designs in Kenya

  • Traditional Outlook

-by fixing the bamboo sticks in their natural form they appear more traditional. They can be tied together using ropes or tree backs.

exterior designs in Kenya
  • Modern Outlook
    exterior designs in Kenya






-they are the properly aligned bamboo sticks that are fixed together and rolled ready for use. They are professionally made and given a perfect finish that gives them an outstanding appearance. They are given different finish paintings to fit different demands.

2. Chain Links

exterior designs in Kenya


This is metallic connections of small pieces of iron that form a long chain link that is rolled ready for use. It’s the perfect mode of fencing for flower gardens for it allows maximum viewing of the enclosed plantations. Wire mesh is a perfect example.

3.Split Rail

exterior designs in Kenya

A long wooden fence mainly used in vegetation. It’s made of long blocks of wood supported by wooden posts. They are firm enough to prevent huge animals from penetrating through. They are given no finish torches to maintain their natural look.


exterior designs in Kenya


They are well polished peaces of timber that are fixed to form a great fence round the garden or home stead. They are designed to owner’s specification. Owner can give it a paint of any color after installation.


exterior designs in Kenya

wrought Iron

It’s yet another fence that is made of iron welded together to form a long fence.It’s used to partition garden and enclose plantations in the garden from large animals.

Perimeter Wall

exterior designs in Kenya


Large blocks of stones used in house building also form a perfect fence round the whole home stead.

plant fencing

exterior design in Kenya


One can also use some plantations that are planted in a linier form and are maintained from the early stage and shaped to a fence.

Secret to cheap exterior designs in Kenya

Be natural: think about making your home natural by planting  plants.

Do it your own way: don’t copy.

use materials which are locally available.

You don’t need to look for a professional, you can design for yourself.

Note that exterior designs in Kenya:-

can be modern for those who want to go the modern way .For this and more information about exterior designs in kenya visit garden furniture.