Exterior Painting in Kenya

What is Exterior Painting in Kenya?

exterior painting in Kenya

exterior painting in Kenya

Do you know that exterior painting in Kenya is among the most ignored aspects in housing?

Have you ever noticed how a house looks old when not painted on its exterior.

Just have a look at the buildings near you, are the paintings appealing? If yes, would you recommend your friends to do exterior                                                           painting on their houses?

Having done a lot on your interior and exterior decoration, exterior painting of the house still demands some attention.

Gone are the days that we used to say  `never judge a book by its cover’.In the current world the cover speaks for the entire book .

Then the question remains `have you perfected on your cover?’

There are factors to consider in exterior painting in kenya:-

Preparations for exterior painting in Kenya

exterior painting

exterior painting

Preparation number one is selecting the most suitable color .

The color choosen should not be very dark for dark colors are known to fade away faster than other colors.

polishing preparations are made on the wall depending on the kind of the wall.

Whether wood, stone or metallic all are polished to smoothen the surfaces but using different materials.

Process of exterior Painting in Kenya

exterior painting

exterior painting

The process of painting is done in three phases :-

1 Phase one– an undercoat is applied an the wall. This acts as an underlayment that helps the other paint hold firm on the wall.

It is usually a white paint.


2. Phase two-the color of users own choice is applied on the white undercoat for the first round.[remember that bright colors are the best]

It is applied at an interval of  forty minutes to one hours from the first coat.

The paint does not appear uniform on all parts, thus another coat is needed to finish up.

3. Phase three-the same paint used in phase two is applied again .

Applied at an interval of two to three hours from the second coat.

An uniform color is finally achieved  that transforms the exterior to unbelievable extent.

Approved tips on exterior painting in Kenya.

1. Check on the weather

The temparatures should be avaregely normal  28- 38 degrees .

There should be no possibilities of raining in 8-12 hours.

this precautions are to allow enough time for the paint to dry.

2. application

Dip the brush partially into the paint [quarter way] not to hold too much paint.

Lift it over the the paint and wait for excess paint to drip back.

Swiftly rub the brush on the wall making at most three to and fro movements at a point not to over spread the paint.

by doing this the process is smooth and less paint drips to the ground as wast.

3.brush maintenance

After brushing ,wash the brush with turpentine  to prevent the brush from hardening.

For further safety precaution , store the brush in turpentine until the next time of use.

4.protective clothing

Paint makes some permanent stains on the clothes thus protective clothing is needed.

An overo

After the paint has dried  revisit the wall with a scraping paper to scrap off the unwanted paint.

To perfect  work  wash away the paint on the windows and metallic items like steirs using turpentine.


Top secrets on exterior painting in Kenya

Exterior painting

Exterior painting

  • Use a long lasting paint that does not easily fade.
  • Get a professional painter or look for a company that provide painting services.
  • Buy your paint from a well recognized painting company.

The exterior painting  has to be repeated more frequently than interior painting because its exposed to harsh weather conditions. For more and new  information about exterior painting in Kenya visit our site regularly.