Garden fountains add value to your home and make your landscaping attractive.In life there are many things that God created and each for a purpose.For many years water has been used for various purposes but now I have come to discover yet another of its purposes.

There is that magic in water that causes a recreating atmosphere around human beings.What can we explain that, power in seeing and touching water to be? It’s funny to see people in a swimming pool having fun for hours by just swimming. Similarly in my young age, there was a small fountain in my grandfather’s home that I could spend time gazing at and felt relaxed. Sometimes I could realize that somebody has been standing behind me for hours.

Water has formed some of the greatest tourist attraction sites in the world which include: waterfalls, lakes and oceans.                                                                       Do you know that you can bring this water magic right at your home?There are various types of garden fountain:-





Outdoor fountains

They are positioned outside the house and are specifically designed to suit as garden part.

They are of various designs:-

  • cast stone fountain

They are stone carvings that are done by gifted artists who make different types of creatures with water flowing from different parts of the body.

  • fiber glass fountain

They are made of fiberglass; they are mainly designed as wall fountain but for exterior purposes.

  • floor fountain

For that small space in your garden that you feel you don’t know what to put up, here comes a perfect idea.

Have some floor fountain occupy the space, you will be amazed an how that space will become popular.

  • Animal Fountain

They are made of any animal carvings with some water oozing from some point.

  • urn fountain

This is a special Chinese fountain that is similar to floor fountain but manufactured in an industry not curving.

  • wood fountain

These is a fountain that is made from wood carvings of various creatures to owner’s desire


Indoor Fountain.

Water is a perfect way of breaking monotony in a house.

By saying this I don’t consider those taps and shower in your house.

There is this fountain that is specifically meant for house decoration

They are generally small in size not to occupy too much space and be positioned at any desired point of the house.

There are various types of indoor fountain:-

Wall fountains

They  are fixed on or in the house walls with some water flowing in it.

They are positioned at a strategic point where people will see it and hear the produced sounds.

This is an outstanding feature that can never go unnoticed in your house.

They are made of unique designs that have made people stare at it trying to figure out how it operates and end up with even much confusion.

Table fountain

We have been placing a bouquet of flowers on all our homes that it has become a common feature to our eyes.

Do you take time to notice what your neighbor has placed on the table? Of course not. They also don’t notice those on your table.

Today let’s make a change, placing a fountain on your table demands’ for attention to anybody who pass nearby and hear the ululating sounds.

Floor fountain

Similarly it is an indoor fountain that is designed to be placed on the floor.

It is larger than table and wall fountain to make them more eloquent.


Concluding remarks on fountains

This  are interesting features that have managed to carry away the attention of almost every body.

They are amazingly economical to use since after installation they recycle the water that was put in the system initially.

Fountains need constant check ups to ensure no leakages though they rarely get leakages.

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