Front and backyard landscaping in Kenya

Front and Backyard Landscaping in Kenya

front and backyard landscaping in Kenya has become a day today activity. unlike in the past, people have realize the importance and benefits of keeping their compounds neat.

It has come in to my knowledge that, front and backyard landscaping has been given priority .

Remember in the past it was seen like a western thing but this is no more.

We at homes beauty have gone a step forward to enlight you on the way to go to make your home beautiful. Dont be left behind walk step by step with us and you will never regret.

Have the trees and shrubs you planted five years ago turned to a bush?     I am sure that’s not your joy .

Front and Backyard Landscaping  in Kenya

Front and Backyard Landscaping in Ken

backyard landscape

You need a backyard that is has a cool and relaxing atmosphere.  You can plant glass that is easy to maintain .

Backyard can also be arranged with blocks of stones that are easy to maintain.

Don’t forget to clean the blocks Of stones regularly to avoid dirt.

If you construct a kennel at you backyard, remember it should be well ventilated.

Maintaining both the front yard and the backyard is not that easy. It is advisable to have a simple backyard landscape design that will demand lesser attention.

Simple Tips to the Front and Backyard Landscaping in Kenya

  1. To ensure that it’s not forgotten, position one of the most visited sites.  For example   swimming pool, garden bins, pit latrine, domestic animal housing or children playing site.
  2. Plant just a few plantations that are long lasting [none edible].
  3. No stores should be built around the backyard to avoid the temptations of putting wastes.
  4. An arrangement of large blocks of stones to form a pattern is advisable.
  5. A concrete resting area installed with a gazebo or outdoor canopy.
  6. Build a washroom with an exit   to the cloth airing lines at the back.



front and backyard landscaping in Kenya

What message does your Front yard Landscaping send?

Discover the secret behind making your home welcoming just from afar. It is with no doubt that what you see is what you get.  Let your home send a good message.

The cool relaxing atmosphere that engulfs the surrounding where every thing in the vicinity is professionally placed at its ideal position.

The design alignment from the gate through the garden to the patio making the most unique garden seen around.

The landscape of a garden determines the gardening and the furniture to be done on the garden.

Features that are essential to front landscaping and backyard landscaping:-

-gates,path ways,drive ways,fencing andPatio

There are other features that are incorporated that are not very essential, they include:-

-swimming pools

-children playing grounds

Small Front and backyard Landscaping inKenya

Having small front yard  or backyard doesn’t make one less disadvantaged. Its possible to design it to bring forth an outstanding makeup with proper alignment of the features.

All the essential features have to be incorporated to avoid future demands that are not planned .for example having no vehicle today shouldn’t  be the cause of one not having a drive way.

You can apply the above simple steps to get a front and backyard landscaping in Kenya of your choice.