Furniture Slip Covers

Furniture slip covers are a quick and easy way to update and refurbish your living room making it look very trendy and modern. They can be used in many ways such as dressing up worn out upholstery and protecting the m from wear and tear especially when holding parties or when with kids in the house keeping the furniture intact.

Tips on the best Furniture Slip Covers

Furniture Slip Covers

Furniture Slip Covers












There are many designs in recent days on furniture slipcovers which are made of different fabrics, textures ad design styles which one can choose from. Stylish furniture slipcovers bring great fresh looks for the furniture besides protecting them from damage. Here are some choosing tips that should help you choose the best furniture slipcovers.

  • Ready made and custom furniture slipcovers:-sometime back slipcovers were meant only for couches and lounge chairs but now they are available for recliners, kids’ furniture and chaires.One can choose the design of their choice and specifications and they are made for you within a period of time. This maintains the owner’s style and preferences and they give a better appearance.
  • Seasonal decorating:-Furniture slipcovers allow one to change the appearance whenever need be since one can make several designs and styles which can be changed at any time hence always giving your household uplift each time you feel like it. Use of dark fabrics with heavy material work well in cold seasons  since they  also bring in warmth while smoother fabrics with bright colors for the  warm seasons are best since they lighten up the mood.
  • Decoration styles:-They allow one to change styles whenever need be. One may decide to bring out the country style and this can be achieved by use of furniture slipcovers with prints, checked fabrics or flowers .One can also decide on artistic styles from the country hence they allow for freedom of styles and decoration of the furniture.

Benefits of Furniture Slip Covers

Furniture slip cover are very convenient  in furniture coating  bringing out style and fashionability.They are available in ready made form or in custom  orders and they are  very pocket friendly but it also varies in terms of the designs and styles. The are advantageous in the following ways:-

  • They add quality, fashion and style to the otherwise dull home. They are made to fit in the various furniture settings and dimensions.
  • They are used to completely transform the furniture to look new in case the coverings of the furniture are wearing out. They bring out a fresh look by using the perfect elements. Furniture can be intact due to its high quality but the upholstery wears out hence the best solution is to use furniture slipcovers.
  • They are very affordable and available in many different designs which makes them a must have for your house. They are less expensive to dress furniture as compared to re-upholstering or buying new furniture.
  • They help protect the furniture by covering them instead of using plastic papers to wrap them. Patio slipcovers for furniture in the patio are also very helpful for protection against wear and tear.

Finally on Furniture Slip Covers

Furniture slipcovers are made from durable materials which include twill, denim ,faux, chenille and leather and they also come in lots of great colors  and design patterns .They allow you to match with the décor of the house and meet one’s taste and preference. There are also sectional Furniture Slip Covers for sectional furniture such as sofas