Garden furniture in kenya

Garden furniture is highly ignored or may be many people have no idea that it’s part of landscaping. I got interest in it after realizing how many home owners are in need of a home makeover.

Garden furniture can transform your home which can be classified into two categories:-

1. Patio furniture

2. Outdoor furniture

Garden furniture should be made of durable material that is tolerant to all weather conditions.

The commonly used furniture are made of:-

-Plastic         -wood            and      – aluminum

The wood furniture should be regularly treated for they can get worn-out through exposure.

Patio Furniture

PATIO-      A Spanish word meaning a balcony or verandah

It’s commonly used for recreation, entertainment, dining and none-official meetings especially in private residential areas.

The furniture used is chosen as per the impression intended by the garden owner, like   traditional, western, African impressions.

Outdoor Furniture

Installing your garden with furniture is one of the most modern aspects. It’s a landscaping that has made some homes outstanding among the rest. Why don’t you try it out today?

The process of garden furniture installation is not as complicated as people tend to take it. It’s even much easier than the common interior furniture installation.

Simple furniture that are resistant to harsh weather conditions are the most applicable in garden furnishing.

There is a variety of garden furniture that one can select from to get own impression that brings out uniqueness.

Never try copying what your neighbor has done, that’s their own landscape which differs from yours .It may not work on your garden.

There are various categories of outdoor garden furniture:-

1. Swimming pool furniture

2. Domestic animal housing

3. garden pits

4. gazebo

5 . Storage shed plans

6.outdoor canopies

7.teak furniture