Home theatre system

We have seen and heard of beautiful homes, but you have not experienced it if you have not sat behind a full home theatre system.

With the speakers professionally distributed in the living room, you become the focal point where all the music converges.

A large flat screen LCD display TV set right ahead of you giving you the comfort that you would experience in that cinema room.

The lighting that totally transforms the common living room, creating a cool surrounding that soothes you to relax, seat back and watch.

These are the advantages of advancement in technology and existence of that brave mind that invented a home theatre system.

Hooking up surround speakers of home theatre system.

Home theatre system

Home theatre system

The surround speakers have to be set around the room considering some factors to get the required impression.

1. Consider the focal point of the room.

This is the position where to place the seats where all other setting will be based towards.

This is a position where watching the television will be with ease and the sound projection aimed to that specific point.

The effect of the sub woofer should be most elaborate at that point.

2. Know the type of surround speakers.

The size of your room and the intended limit of sound projection required guides you on this.

The type of the speakers is determined by the watts and the number of channels the system has.

3. Position of the audio and video receivers.

These receivers should be positioned right in front of the seats.

They should be at a position where operating them with the remote controls will be very easy from all the corners of the room.

The TV screen should face in a direction that it receives minimum light from the exterior through the windows or the doors.

4. Connect the surround speakers to the receiver.

This is done either manually which is through connecting wires or automatically using the wireless speakers.

The sub-woofer should be positioned at a corner where it will have the greatest effect in the room.

The wiring should be in a way that it will not cause any commotions to anybody walking around.

5. Do some sound check ups.

After all is done stand at the set focal point and tune the system to a suitable voice to feel the whether you experience the surround sound.

Do some adjustments to perfect on it.

Do the seating arrangement around the home theatre system.

The seats are arranged around the focal point with all of them facing the TV screen.

They should be set at angles where they will have no effect of refraction to the TV.

A free exit to the door should be left to avoid disturbances when watching a movie.

Most important, the seats should be comfortable coaches that one feels relaxed seating on them for hours.

Lighting up the room with the home theatre system.

A cool lighting that does not cause a screaming effect should be used.

The lights should preferably face upwards so that the light reaches the seating place will be the reflection of the ceiling and walls.

These lights should match up with the theme of the room as discussed below.

Creating the theme of the room.

The theme of the room is determined by everything in the room.

The walls should be painted with a cool color, a color that causes a cool atmosphere in the room.

All other accessories in the room should be selected considering the color set by the roof to get a proper theme.

The room can be set in a basement where everything is quiet giving room to the speakers to take control.

Having done all this you will have achieved the key aspects in Home theatre system installation.