House designs and plans in Kenya

One of the most frequently asked questions in Kenya is “which are the best House designs and plans in Kenya?

As you walk around you will feel the pride of being a Kenyan, buildings are spreading on bare lands like fire.

You might feel out of place not knowing what kind of house you would like but you will be surprised to know how many people are in a similar situation.

To any person who cares this is a compulsory feeling since you would like to get the best at the end of the construction work.

Types of house designs and plans in Kenya.

House designs and plans in Kenya

House designs and plans in Kenya









The types are classified according to their sizes starting from the smallest plan that is:-

  • Single room

These are some of the most common houses in Kenya especially to the low income earners, college and university students.

Their standard measurements are 3 meters by 3 meters to give ample space for some house accessories like bed.

A standard bed measures 2 meters by I meter.

  • Bedsitters

These are single rooms that are relatively larger than the above listed rooms.

They have provisions of two other small rooms for kitchen and bathrooms.

They are most popular to newly employed people who are still single.

  • One and two bedroom house plans.

These are the houses that most starting families go for.

They are suitable for a family of three people and at most one regular visitor.

They have other rooms like living room, kitchen and bathroom.

  • Three bedroom bungalow house plans.

These are the houses that are fit for all the families in Kenya.

  • Four bedroom and above house plans.

These are the large homes that are built for prestige in Kenya.

They are mostly story buildings that can even have basements.

In this houses, you will find extra rooms like laundry, study room, home office and any other room that is built for prestige.

Sources of house designs and plans in Kenya.

There are three main source of house designs and plans in Kenya, they include:-

  • Making your own house plan.

You are the person who knows the kind of house you want and thus you can make the best.

Opt those who have an advantage of having designed a house plan probably with the help of a designer,they can easily do it on their own.

In case you have no experience, base your knowledge on the different types of houses you have seen.

  • Getting ready made house plans.

This is the easiest way where you get one from a contractor or in the internet.

  • Getting help from a house designer.

You can explain to a designer what you want and with the knowledge they have, they will help you come up with an applicable design

Minimum standard measurements of house designs and plans in Kenya.

Various rooms of the house are to be set at a certain minimum size for the accessories that ought to be put on it to fit comfortably.

These rooms include:-

  • Bedroom.

Bedrooms contain beds and as seen earlier, bed have a minimum measurement of 1 meter to 2 meters thus this rooms should be slightly larger than this.

Bedrooms should be at least 3 meters by 3 meters to give enough space.

  • Kitchen.

This are the rooms that have too much appliances in it.

Kitchens are installed with some cabinets on the lower side and above the head of human beings.

A size of about 2 meters by 2.5 meters can be enough to accommodate all this features including fridge and cookers.

Other measurements.

· The standard height of a house.

The height of the house should be at least 2.3 to 2.4 meters up to the ceiling level.

This will give enough space to accommodate the door of a standard height of 2 meters and any other opening should not go above the height of the door.

You must be ready now to build a house after getting some information on House designs and plans in Kenya.