Beautiful House Designs in Kenya

house designs in Kenya

house designs in Kenya

















What describes good house designs in kenya?

It is one that makes you feel good, comfortable and is energy efficient. It also facilitates efficient casual interaction between the family members.

House designs in Kenya can therefore be the messages you want to communicate through symbols. Buildings are permanent and longing-lasting and the message will remain there even after you are dead.

Secrets on how to get good house designs in Kenya

  • First walk in the neighborhood taking photos of house designs.
  • Check for online images and select which suits you the best.
  • Then consult your architect, explain to him how you want your house to look. house . Using the images you searched in the internet or the neighborhood you are inspired to explain to your architect exactly how you want to design your house.
  • At this stage, your budget will be important in that it will dictate the size of the house you will have. Make sure it is cost-effective to you have.

Principle of  good house designs in kenya

a) Site the house properly

A good designed house makes it fit to the environment around it. Siting of course is difficult since you have to consider factors like; the climatic condition of the area, vegetation, topography which can sometime be contradicting or balancing. It means that the house look appropriate at a distance, closure and the people near appreciate it.

b) Good floor plan

A good floor plan is that appropriate to the way you live. Ideally, it should reflect a family’s lifestyle by allowing residents easy and livable routes into, around and out of the house. A floor plan also takes in the arrangement of rooms and how they relate to each other as well as public versus private space which should be adequate for all members..

To help you identify a good floor plan for your family, list the rooms you’re currently using and imagine how your family might evolve over time. Think through a typical day’s activities with children at all stages, think of the location of the master bedroom and other bedrooms. Also, think about how often you would use a living room and finally, check your needs regarding a basement, attic, garage, and outdoor living.

c) A pleasing and balanced exterior

This covers the arrangement of all the exterior parts of the house (elevations) which includes the walls, windows, doors, paths, roof lines. In a well designed house the floor plan and the siting form bases of elevation. A balanced exterior tells much about the inside.

Types of house designs  in Kenya

They are classified into three: bungalows, international style, colonial.

house designs in Kenya

house designs in Kenya













i) Bungalows

A bungalow home is a single or multi-storey, single-family dwelling with a low-pitched roof and, usually, a front porch or a sun room with many windows. Most are a very modest size, and the floor plans inside are very open and spacious. Bungalows are very popular today as single-family homes like this are populating residential neighborhoods everywhere. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage, but it is not uncommon to see very large bungalows. Bungalows were originally designed to provide affordable, modern housing for the working class.

ii) Colonial

house designs in Kenya

house designs in Kenya












Colonial revival house plans are typically two to three story home designs with symmetrical facades and gable roofs. Pillars and columns are common, often expresseding temple-like entrances with porticos, multi-pane, and double – hung windows with shutters, dormers, and paneled doors with sidelights topped with rectangular transoms or fanlights help dress up the exteriors which are generally wood or brick. Additional common features include center entry-hall floor plan, fireplaces, and simple, classical detail.

This home plan has an amazing master bedroom with a sitting room, two walk-closets, and a nice master bath. The living room in this floor plan has the beautiful bow windows to view the beauties of nature. Another nice feature of this home is how the kitchen has a family room next to it secluded from the rest of the home.


house designs in Kenya

house designs in Kenya

















iii) Town houses

They are houses mostly built on half or quarter acre of land. They are usually in a community gated compound but each house having its own compound and gate.

In most cases they are just a few houses not exceeding ten houses in the community gated compound.

Finally for you to achieve a n excellent house designs in Kenya don’t forget to consult your architect