How to Garden

The word gardening can also mean farming; it is good for us to know how to garden. Though some people consider gardening as an old fashioned job it is an activity that can have a lot of benefits to you and your family .It is time for us to change our minds and look at gardening under a positive perspective. The type of plant to grow in you farm depends on your choice and the availability of space. The most common type of crops grown in a garden are vegetables and flowers.

Benefits of knowing How to Garden

How to garden

How to garden

If you are that person who enjoys trying anything you will carefully study the importance of Gardening . These benefits are both for consumption purposes and medicinal value.

  • Food:-One can get food for his or her own family by planting vegetables or fruits in the garden.
  • Medicine: Some herbs or trees when planted in the garden have curative values thus can be of help to the gardener and the family. For instance a lemon tree can produce fever or flu cure when lemon is mixed with garlic it provides antibiotics that fight germs.
  • Beauty:-Flowers planted along the house make the compound look beautiful and refreshes the air giving the house a classic look.

Which are the basic requirements in knowing How to Garden?

It is good for one to know the basic requirements if you want to  do farming in your garden. This will enhance easy learning and getting better outcome.

  • You should have the desire:-Since small scale farming is done manually, it is very important for the farmer to show some interest to avoid disappointments.
  • Choose a plants that are easy to maintain:-Some vegetables like tomatoes have a lot of maintenance costs thus you might end up spending so much compared to buying the commodity .
  • Climate:- Make sure that the climatic condition is favorable for plants. Look for crops that are suitable in your geographical area  since not all crops  or vegetables grow in all regions. This may be due to climatic or soil factors i.e. some plants grow well in acidic soils while others do not.

Point to note while learning How to Garden

There are few precautions that one ought to take when learning how do gardening.This will avoid injuries that may be caused by the tools used. It will also make the exercise more enjoyable.

  • Always use the correct tool for the right job; this will make work easier and efficient.
  • Make sure that your plants well watered.Water your plants in the evening
  • It’s important to have knowledge of what is the best season for planting a particular plant.
  • Always harvest your crops when they are ready for harvest.
  • Always spray your crops if their is need to do so.
  • You should wear protective footwear like gumboots or any other clothing to keep you safe while working.

Though manual work like gardening is neglected by most people it is clear that it can be of great benefit to us. Why don’t you change your mentality and start thinking of  knowing how to garden.