How to Remove Stains from Curtains

During our free time and during weekends most home owners tend to scrub everything in the house and curtain cleaning is not any different though most of us do not know the appropriate procedure on how to remove stains from curtains. Fresh and clean curtains all through the house make the house smelling fresh and seem brighter. The first step on attack cleaning is doing them all on one sunny day.

Things needed when removing stains from curtains

  • Glycerin
  • White dish-washing detergent
  • Plastic squeeze bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Dish washing liquid detergent
  • A small bowl
  • Hydrogen peroxide

How to Remove Stains from Curtains: Red Wine

How to Remove Stains from Curtains

How to Remove Stains from Curtains








Red wine stains on curtains but the removal of method will depend on the fabric of your curtain. It is also very important to handle the stain the minute it happens since delaying can cause the stain to set thus making it even harder to remove. Here are the main steps to take when removing red wine stains from curtains:-

Blot the affected area with a clean cloth and remove as much wine stain as possible. Do not rub or scrub the curtain. Start working on the stain from the outside towards the center  so as to avoid it from spreading.

  1. Lay the curtain on a flat surface
  2. Mix glycerine,white dish washing detergent and water in a plastic bottle and be sure to always   carefully shake the solution before use.
  3. Dampen an absorbent pad with the wet spotter
  4. Cover the stained area with the absorbent pad:-Keep the absorbent pad there until it is no longer getting any more stain. Repeat the process until the stain is gone and make sure to use the a new absorbent pad every time.
  5. Flush the affected area thoroughly with cool water.

How to Remove Stains from Curtains: Dirty water

Water stains on curtains form when there is a demarcation between clean spots and areas with dirt. These stains appear when the curtains soak up water or they could be due to condensation caused by rain or dew or curtains hanging over the kitchen sink. Water stains can be removed easily and faster if you wash the curtains as soon as they appear. However, with the right methods old water stains can be effectively removed.

Instructions on how to remove stains from curtains

  1. Soak the curtains in a solution of cold water and a commercial cleaner for about an hour. Be sure to add the appropriate amount of the product.
  2. If the curtains are white soak them in a mixture of bleach and water for half an hour.
  3. Try removing the water stains with kitchen products like distilled white vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice.
  4. Wash the curtains after soaking you can either hand wash or machine wash them in cold water.
  5. Lace the curtains in a dryer or hang them on a line outside for them to dry naturally.

Important Tips

  • Always dust your curtains frequently using a vacuum attachment.
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain from any direction as it will spread.
  • Make sure you mix the ingredients correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear a protective mask to protect yourself from the dust
  • Keep the solvents away from children.
  • Wear goggles or protective eye wear if necessary

How to remove stains from curtains can now be an easy task and also less challenging with a few tips and steps