Interior Design in Kenya

What is interior design in Kenya? Interior design is all about having a beautiful home . You can do a make over of your home by doing the following.

Interior design in Kenya

Interior design in Kenya




Tips on the latest Interior design in Kenya

The beauty of a home is in the settings and arrangements of the interiors plus décor of the accessories.

The following are tips on how to achieve  gorgeous interior design in Kenya for a luxurious and comfortable living.

Living room

For an elegant look or a more modern style or if you are going with some sort of motif, there are many kinds of living room decor to choose from.  If you think your living room needs a new look try accentuating your living room with the most popular new accessories, and living room furniture can also serve as living room decor.  This way you shall create an elegant living room which is a major component of beautiful homes.

· Living room carpet:

The carpet is very vital for the overall look in your living room, so the color that you work around when putting together your living room decor, should  fit your new living room decor and reflect your personal style; for a tastefully  Interior design in Kenya.

· Window curtains

interior design in Kenya

interior design in Kenya








Window curtains can make all the difference since they easily become the centre of attraction of the living room.
They vary in response to size and style of your windows. With the perfect window curtains as part of your living room decor that are pleasing to the eye can be the most impressive aspect of your living room decor. From luxurious to more cozy living room decor, the window curtains you want should be a good match with the rest of the living room decor.


· Plants:

interior design Kenya

interior design Kenya








The color green and the fresh oxygen in the living room brought about by plants add to the aesthetic value of the living room.

Hanging plants are one of the most popular features of a fresh and radiant room, alongside the potted plants that with little combination with a small gardens turns the living room into a haven not just for relaxation but also meditation.

· Sofa and chairs:

Sofa and chairs are two major components of the living room decor . They are a very important part of your living room, almost as much essential in function as they are in appearance. Beautiful sofa and chairs can be acquired from stores or designed to suit ones desires.

· Coffee table:

This too is equally essential in function as it in looks: since its easily transferable to become a focal point, just like the curtains. However, it should blend well with the other components of the living room for a complete décor feel.


interior design in Kenya

interior design in Kenya








wall photos

Interior design photos are important in making your home colourful and attractive to view. It is important to put other preferences into consideration so as to rhyme your colors.

More tips on Interior Design in Kenya- the Study Room

Study Room is a key essential for  beautiful homes that completes the package for a whole family unit. You should be careful when doing interior design in Kenya for:


Kids: they are at their preliminary stage and hence,

interior design in Kenya

interior design in Kenya







  • You should put alphabetical and numerical paints and hangings in the room so that it allures them to spend their time in the room.
  • You can arrange for such a ceiling paint that depicts stars, and moon to give them the feel of the sky.
  • On the walls, you can write down in different hues some of the common poems to make them learn.
  • put attractive kids chairs and table for them so that they learn to sit, eat and study as a whole
interior design in Kenya

interior design in Kenya







Teenage: the study room interior design in Kenya is quite different though the concept remains the same.

  • There should be  ample space to make them comfortable with comfy round chairs and couches, plus a desk with many drawers to let them keep their stationery.
  • Books and copies stand are important to arrange things properly and the room even looks neat and clear instead of messed up.
  • The light is the most significant part; there should be ample illumination in the room to keep them awake and avoid dizziness while studying.

This achieves the end of comfort while studying in the beautiful home.

Master Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a serene oasis where the worries of the day melt away. Let big furniture pieces set the tone, while accent pieces, lighting, and color define your personal style
Function, mood and harmony are the factors that spell the difference between designer bedroom and the usual. A great bedroom is a place to relax and recharge, a stylish and peaceful retreat that’s as versatile as it is welcoming. And it has a major significance in the creation of  beautiful homes.

The first thing that catches the eyes are the colors used on the walls, carpets and bed set so, they all must be soothing in pastel colors in order to provide a relaxing effect. Bedroom Furniture should be designed keeping in mind the profile of the person living in the bedroom. The layout and style of a bedroom reflects the personality of the individual.

Dining Room

The dining room is the very heart and soul of  ultimate beautiful homes: it’s from this point where family gatherings are mostly held especially during meals or prayer times.

Following are tips on how to make out of your dining room, and setting of dining furniture.

Breakfast bar stools

These are a stylish addition to any home, especially  to those people who choose to have a bar in their kitchens simply for having breakfast in the mornings. Many kitchen designers now see these as a must for  modern, beautiful homes.

Dining table

The dining table is the soul of your house. This is explainable, because the table has always been a symbol of the family and the times we spend sharing food, events and joy. The most important thing is to measure your area and to decide where to place the dining table. In case you don’t have enough space, you should go for little tables, because you need to provide about 60cm of free space behind each chair. Standard size specifications apply to various designs of dining room and even more, customized tables can be made for different occasions.

Round Table

Dining table furniture consists of a well rounded shape and the edge is sleekly carved to perfection. The eloquent design of round tables goes all the way to its stands and carvings are equally elegant.

Concluding remarks about interior design in Kenya

These have been basic tips on the journey towards those dreamy beautiful homes.

Many more insightful and better things are to follow, so keep reading on our website for more information. For more information about interior design in Kenya, email admin@homesbeauty.com.

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