Kenya Pets

Choosing Kenya pets today is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks ever but after a period of searching and weighing options on what pet is best suitable for you, this can lead to one of the most exciting days of your life with a perfect pet at home. Most pets in Kenya include dogs and cats in most popular homes.

Types of Kenya pets

Kenya Pets

Kenya Pets

In Kenya today there are numerous types of pets in people’s homes depending on one’s desire for animals and also preference. Here are some of the main types of pets available in most Kenyan homes today:-

  1. Aquatic Pets:-These pets are mostly the gold fish and others types of aquatic animals. The fish require you to have enough time to always do this every you should have enough space to have one. The fish also need time for feeding, regular cleaning of the aquarium and many other tasks which require you to always have enough time for them.
  2. Avian pets:-the birds require enough space since the bigger the bird the bigger the cage. On the other hand do not choose a bird that you are not willing to spend a relatively long time with. For instance a parrot lives an average of 50 years. You also require a keen sense of observation to realize when your pet requires prompt medical attention as most birds do not show signs of illness.
  3. Lizards and snakes:-are not a very common pair in the Kenya pets list as most people have a phobia of these reptiles but however there are a few cases of such pet owners. One of the greatest factor to consider is who will take care of it when you leave and do you have enough space for it as most snakes and lizards grow to very large sizes.
  4. Dogs and cats:-These are most common pets in Kenya around almost every home in Kenya today owns one of these pets. However one has to consider whether you have enough time to take your dog for walks and also to groom it and feed it as required.

How to maintain Kenya pets

Every pet is needed to have the best life by their owner hence each pet owner follows various steps so as to maintain their pets and give them the bet life possible. Here are the main steps to follow so as to maintain your pet and allow it to live a long and happy life:-

  1. Choose a vet:- Take your pet for yearly check ups and shots and if in any case there is an emergency take your pet to the clinic immediately.
  2. Create a grooming routine and put it down on paper:-Place the paper on a safe and visible place
  3. Choose a training routine:-Each day make a point of at least teaching your dog one of the 5 commands:sit,down,come,heel and stay and once your dog has learnt this try teaching him some other tricks.
  4. Socialize with your dog properly:-Avoid locking away your dog at least take it where other dogs are for a little bit of socialization.

Benefits of owning Kenya pets

Any pet owner in Kenya today will tell you that pets are not just any other animal but also part of the family. There are numerous benefits of owning a pet here are some of the great benefits of owning a pet:-

  1. Pets increase your exercising especially with a dog as a poet since you have to walk it each morning which is a great method of exercising.
  2. Reduce anxiety:-For people who are anxious about going out into the world the companionship of a pet helps to build self confidence and ease anxiety.
  3. Provide companionship:-Isolated and lonely people who live alone have the benefit of getting companionship from their pets.

Kenya pets have become very useful and helpful today hence numerous people especially the aged have resulted into acquiring pets .Kenya pets are both comforting to numerous people hence becoming a great and important member of the family and not just an animal.