Kids Bedroom Designs

Kids Bedroom Designs are supposed to be in a way that are beautiful and attracts kids  to stay in their bedrooms. It should be a place where they feel like spending the night when sleeping time comes.

It came recently to my realization that Kids Bedroom Designs are very crucial. This was after I was moving with my family to larger house with more space to accommodate the big and fast growing family. My younger daughter asked me to have her room with a girlish theme and the son opted for a theme that favor’s boys.

We are in a new era and we have to move with time. It is very clear to everyone that interior design in Kenya has become the talk of the day therefore design your Kid’s bedroom for you to keep up with time.

Kids are given to us by God according to the religion while the diverse cultures advocate that children are responsible for the continuity of the society.

Children need to be shown care and protection despite the stage of growth they are. Kids Bedroom Designs with conducive environment allows the child to grow in cooperative with the family house, develop the talent as well as provides a personal personality of privacy.

Good Kids Bedroom Designs helps the kid to have an attachment with home and would like to spread his free moment at home since his personality is represented here, his likes/dislikes and attitude.

Kids Bedroom Designs for girls.

Kids Bedroom Designs

Kids Bedroom Designs






1. Theme

Being a parent is not an easy task and especially when dealing with girls who are born as sensitive creatures. For good choice of the entire theme of the Kid Bedroom Design, the parent can consult the daughter on how she would like her bedroom to look like.

This not only makes the girl love it at all stages of life but also have the owning aspect. There are many cute themes like the fairly theme, ballerina, and princess theme for young girls and for the teenage girls you have superhero, music themes, beach bedroom themes and vehicle themes.

2. Wall papers

When I say the wall paint in a girl’s Bedroom Designs many think pink as the key color. Pink and its shades are major color for the younger girls but  it might not work for the teenagers. Another color that is popular to girls is purple.

Sometimes you may feel that these colors conflict with entire house and does not look good so go for the bright and fresh colors such as yellow with a sunshine combination. The walls can also have some patterns that are floral for instance.

3. Additional accents

This are the accents that gives you the final look of the bedroom and these includes also the installation of lights and mirrors that brighten the room and giving it the illusion of being large than usual.

These accents include toys, dolls, photo frames, flower vase or beautiful music shelves. They are mainly placed or kept on the Kids Bedroom furniture that should as well compliment with the bedroom elements.

Kids Bedroom Designs for newborn babies.

New born babies are received by the parents with a lot of excitement and they usually change the way the parent live. Most parents do start plan for the baby long before the baby is born. Among the main plans they do are usually to decorate the Bedroom for the newborn baby.

Bedroom Designs for the infants need to be elegant and one that is environmental friendly for the baby. Avoid use of drab colors or sophisticated color like green moss that have a somber touch but are cheerful instead. Good choice of the color plays a very important role since it transforms the baby from a toddler to a responsible person who has undergone through the socialization process.

Kids Bedroom Designs for boys.

1. Space

Unlike the girls the boys need a big pace for playing and doing their stuff like music listening and playing.

As a parent ensure that the Bedroom Design for your son is big and spacious.

To increase the space you need to increase the lighting system and use of mirrors that also makes the room brighter. Make sure that the opening of the room allow the natural light enter the room for ease ventilation and circulation of air and heat.

2. Theme

Following the theme of your son bedroom design should not only be the one that you appreciate but also the one that your son loves .  Let your son participate in giving his opinion on which theme to use in his bedroom  . Here are two examples of themes that are common among boys.

  1. Armed forces-this includes combination of jets, submarines and guns among many other war equipments. Then make the room have camouflage paint or desert colors. This is to allow him play well.
  2. Jungle or safari theme-these includes a combination of wild animals toys. Therefore give the walls the paint of the forest and use colors like green, blue and ivory.

On that note make homesbeauty.com your home  and you will experience a change in your Kids Bedroom Designs.