Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Introduction to Living Room Furniture in Kenya.

A Living Room is a quarter where the entire family spends a great deal of its time.  It should be as comfortable as possible, and the extent of this suitability can be achieved by using carefully selected furniture. Such furniture is not only for comfort but also adds style and decoration to the quarter.

Most living room furniture in Kenya is made using wood, as its still the most popular material despite its ages of existence. However, modern living room furniture in Kenya is not limited to wood. Newer materials for building are being used such as metals, various types of glass and leather, especially for the seats. Even the eco friendly materials like bamboo result into classic style, craftsmanship and convenience.

Living room furniture in Kenya is a very crucial home furniture. It brings a big transformation in your Living room

1. Living Room Chairs

What makes the perfect chair for the living room? This depends on the individual’s choice, requirement, and budget and at the same the decor of the living room. As there are a variety of chairs, the best should coordinate with other furniture, color, and pattern of the whole room.
Living room chairs are meant for relaxing during leisure time.

The living room  in Kenya is mainly used for watching TV, listening to music, reading, sharing light moments with family members, entertainment with friends and relatives.  So you can have each type of chair serving a unique purpose.



  • Armchair
  • Bean bag chair
  • Canopy chair
  • Club chair
  • Easy chair
  • Folding chair
  • Home theater chair
  • Recliner chair
  • Rocking chair

In coming series we will expound on the make, type and purpose of each of the above living room furniture in Kenya ( chairs.)

2.   Living Room Sofas

A living room is incomplete without a sofa. Going by the definition of a living room, sofas are the most vital and indispensable living room furniture in Kenya. There are so many types of living room sofas.

So what makes the perfect sofa for the living room furniture in Kenya?

A living room sofa manufacturer makes all types of sofas as per the needs of various sizes, shapes and styles of modern living rooms.  Nevertheless, the selection of a sofa depends solely on individual choice, requirement, budget and most important of all- the living room decor. Living room sofas are bought on the basis of their coordination with other living room furniture, their color, pattern and the decor of the whole room.

Sofa Designs







Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Living Room Furniture in Kenya






Living room sofas are available in a variety of sizes and numerous designs. There exists wooden sofas as well as metallic ones made of steel or wrought iron. Then there are leather sofas, upholstered sofas- both in traditional furniture as well as contemporary furniture designs. According to living room sofas designs, they  can be categorized into three basic types of sofas:

  • Three Seater Sofas – The dimensions of a three seat, which is approx 2     meters in length, also  include the side arms. This type of living room sofas can be arranged along the length of the wall.
  • Two Seat Sofas – The two seater sofas for living room are also called love seats. These living room sofas are mostly preferred for small living rooms.
  • Single Seater Sofas – a single seat sofa is included in living room sofa sets (these sofa sets have a three seats along with two single seat sofas.) However, they can also be purchased separately. The recliner sofa chair is an advanced form of single seat sofa that is much more comfortable than the traditional sofa designs.

Notably, there also comes the modern sofa design in form of living room sectional sofas that have multiple seats.

Living room furniture in Kenya

Sectional sofas are designed in the view of seating requirements of a living room that is large or has uncommon shapes. The sectionals have multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in a number of different positions.


Living room sectionals are more versatile seating solutions than the common three seater couch. Sometimes a sectional couch is essentially a two piece sofa set that can be arranged to form a perfect ninety-degree angle in the living room. Many other sectional couches have four to seven pieces in the set that may be arranged in a number of different ways.

The pieces include a seat cushion paired with a back cushion. One or two pieces include an armrest on the left or right side. As the pieces of living room sectionals can be used to form various sofa designs. Some of the popular living room sectional sofa designs include:

  • Leather Sectional Couch
  • Reclining Sectional Couch
  • Sectional Sofa Bed
  • Home Theater Sectional Couch
  • Living Room Sectionals With Chaise And Ottoman
  • Circular Sectional Couch


In our next series we shall explore each type individually.

Types of Living Room Furniture in Kenya


Inflatable sofa

  • Love seat
  • Sectional sofa
  • Settees
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Sofa cum bed
  • Couches

These are the main types of living room sofas that are available currently. Watch out as we discover each of these in our coming posts.


3.   Living Room Beds





Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Living Room Furniture in Kenya






A significant percentage of time is spent in the living room by most families; doing the “fun” things at home, like watching TV, listening to music, enjoying games and entertaining guests and friends. The basic living room furniture pieces are chairs, sofas, tables, entertainment units.

The living room can at times be used for accommodating overnight guests. That is why, a sofa cum bed becomes a “must have item” in your living room. Other types of beds can also be incorporated in the living room such as:


  • canopy  bed
  • Divans
  • Floor pillows
  • Futons
  • Sofa cum bed


4.   Living Room Tables

A table in a living room serves various purposes and any living room decor is incomplete without a table. An elegant and eclectic mix of materials, designs and finishes characterize the wonderful assortment of living room tables. Let us know about tables used in a Living Room under the following categories:



  • Occasional table sets
  • Coffee table
  • End table
  • Shelf table
  • TV trolley  table
  • Game table
  • Bar table
  • Drum table


These are just tips of the iceberg, we are promising to reveal more specific details of each of these kinds in our coming series; look out and you will realize that it’s the small things that really matter.


5. Living Room Cabinets

Living Room Furniture in Kenya

Living Room Furniture in Kenya

There are many options available in living room cabinets catering to style, size, finish, and storage accessories. The varieties of cabinets that will help to transform your living room are as follows:


  • Bar cabinet
  • Chest of drawers
  • Console cabinet
  • Corner curio
  • Display cabinet
  • Storage cabinet
  • TV cabinet
  • Bookcase
  • Entertainment unit


The above list just roughly categorizes the various kinds of cabinets based on their functionality, but as we progress we will offer you insights on how you can actually blend functionality and style and come up with amazing results.



6.   Living Room Stools

A stool, available in different finishing and styles, is a casual seating arrangement in your living room. With its sleek appearance, a stool is comfortable and light and can easily be carried to other rooms. Stools that are kept in the living room are generally of following types;


  • Bar stool
  • Counter stool
  • Ottomans

7. Living Room Racks

Racks are used for utility purpose in a living room. The racks are beautiful furniture accents in your living room, provided you choose the right one which complements with your living room decor.


Whether you use rack for storing books, or keeping your shoes, or as media storage, different varieties are available in styles, finishes and looks. Accordingly, we can categorize racks used in the living room as follows:

  • Coat rack
  • Book rack
  • Shoe rack
  • Wine rack

Living room racks look very elegant, stylish and durable which are available in various sizes that suit diversified choices of customers. Inbuilt shelves and drawers are included in them. They are made from several materials like metal, most common and durable ones are fine quality wood like mahogany, cherry, teak, oak.

Living room is a place where you can relax and entertain. It is a very special and essential place where, the more comfortable you will feel more suitable is for your fitting. You can embrace great design and functionality with the usage of them. Regarded as one of your most cherished possessions, racks are easy to keep, maintain & move and can be used by anyone. Along with being functional and attractive, living room racks are decorative items that adjunct style to any space.

Concluding on Living Room Furniture in Kenya

As you may have noticed in this article, we have just outlined the major living room furniture in Kenya to be found in your living room without going too much into detail. In our series that follow we shall add vitality and in-depth revelation about each category of furniture, and enable you to transform your ordinary living room into that haven you have always dreamt of without causing you to dig so deep into your pocket.

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