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Mattress topper is a cushioned pads that sit on the mattress tops. The usual mattress toppers have straps that are placed at the ends of the bed so as to check on slipping and sliding. They are used primarily to increase comfort when the bed feels too firm.

Most mattress toppers are made of memory or visco elastic which is much more comfortable and hypoallergenic as compared to the older editions which were made of egg crate foam or thin feather beds.

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Mattress topper

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Finding the most appropriate mattress topper for your bed is a great deal and task since there are numerous numbers of toppers from which you can choose from. Many people opt for these mattress toppers since their mattresses do not offer them the comfort they need while sleeping. Before looking for mattress toppers you must be able to know all the different types and varieties that are available.

Some of the most common variety of mattress toppers is memory foam toppers, cotton toppers, woolen toppers and latex mattress toppers. It is essential to gather as much information as possible to help you decide what the best choice of mattress topper that you need.

After knowing the various types of mattress toppers, you can now choose what personal requirements such as the bed size and mattress size that will fit perfectly. There are various sizes which include single ,twin ,queen and king sizes hence it is good to know your mattress size.

Thick padded mattress toppers offer more comfort and hence are better and it also prevents mattress deterioration. Some are overly thick up to an amazing 6 inches but a 4 inch mattress topper is the best.


Best mattress toppers

It is important to buy good mattress toppers and that they differ amongst people and one needs to choose the best for himself. The best mattress topers are:-

  • Memory foam mattress toppers. They are similar to their to the mattresses in that they are highly comfy and fluffy. They are ranked as the best mattress toppers since they conform to ones body shape making them the most comfortable .It is also important to know that too soft   are not recommended for people with pains in the joints, back aches and arthritis problems.
  • Natural latex mattress topper. Latex is a soft material and is soft and comfortable enabling easy sleeping and comfort. They contain pinholes that absorb and spread the body weight evenly hence relaxing the body muscles.

Mattress toppers for back pains

There are ideal mattress toppers that are especially for the people suffering from back aches and they are a bit firmer than the normal ones .The best mattress toppers for back aches are memory foam mattress toppers since they shape and when you wake up they go back to their normal shape.

So if you have an ailing on your back the it’s the high time you visited a store and purchased one of the mattress toppers and they may be the ultimate solution to your back aches.


Mattress toppers also prolong the mattress life besides providing the owner with comfort. Once the mattress topper starts to loose firmness it is advisable to get a new one. They also add luxury and style to the existing design and every time you go to purchase a mattress topper make sure to test them before settling for one in particular.