Modern housing designs

How do you define a modern housing designs?Going back to history 10 years ago you will realize the dynamic revolution that has led to modern house designs.

Gone are the days that houses were built just for shelter purposes, today it is one of the few commodities that are used to classify the social status; they are used for prestige.

The layout of the house is so sophisticated to be unique enough from any other house that exist, using materials that are  not only durable and protective but appealing to the eyes.

Enough free space is preserved in any single room or the garden of the house; modern housing designs can be simply described as palace housing.

Floor Plan in Modern Housing Designs.

Modern housing designs

Modern housing designs

This is the initial part of the where each room has undergone its unique transformation.

  • Kitchen.

This is the room that requires a very technical layout, the kitchen pantry, sink outlet pipes, the exit door, and many other indents that are incorporated.

This if the part that should form the focal point of all the other rooms thus designed first.

  • Living room and dining room

These are two rooms that are mostly built together with a large opening joining them.

On the living room side there should be walls opening to three exterior doors for maximum lighting and aeration. There should be the largest door opening to the front yard in the patio.

In the dining room side there should be two walls opening to the exterior of the house one opening to the dining room and the other to the kitchen with a small hole connecting them.

  • Bedrooms.

The size of the bedrooms varies depending on the intended purpose of the room.

The master bedroom is the largest among them, these are rooms that are constructed with everything in them, and they are self contained. They have a kitchenette, home bar, living room corner, fireplace, bathroom and a sub-outlet door.

Other bedrooms have the basic features like wardrobes and bathrooms.

  • Bathrooms.

This are rooms that are no longer used for the usual 5 minute wash, you will find a very spacious room in these modern housing designs.

The rooms have features like hot tub baths that used for hours by the owners.

  • Other rooms.

You will find rooms like study room, store, gym, laundry and home offices fixed within other rooms or in the basements.

These rooms are incorporated to owners wish.

Wall Plan in Modern Housing Designs.

I n modern housing designs the walls are characterized by large windows, sophisticated curtains of which some are operated with remotes and very strategic painting.

The walls can also be fitted will wall papers that are used instead of painting.

You will find fewer hangings on the wall compared to the ancient houses; the hangings are also strategically chosen to match to the theme of the room.

There are larger doors that are designed in exotic outlooks, they are mostly four, one in the living room another in the dining room another in the kitchen and finally in the master bedroom

House Location in Modern Housing Designs.

Houses are located in a very secluded area where privacy is prime. Enough space on its outdoor is left for other luxury features like swimming pools, gazebos and flower gardens.

Large perimeter walls electric fencing is used to ensure top security around the homestead.

Some other constructions around the house like large garage, servant quarters, animal housing and stores are put up to enhance the luxurious living in the homestead.

A large iron wrought gate is opens to the well designed drive way that leads to the garage or car wash area. There are some walk paths leading to some other areas around the garden.

The revolution is ongoing where tomorrow you will find a totally different outlook in modern housing designs