Office Interior Design ideas in Kenya

Office Interior Designs in Kenya

Office Interior Designs in Kenya

The Office Interior Designs in Kenya holds a large portion of our day to day life and hence it is as important as the designing of our home.

Office Interior Designs is as vital whether the office is at your home or in a commercial building. In either of the cases, a proper planning is necessary to get the best results.

An ideal office is one which has all the comfort, safety and functionality along with eye catching environment.

Factors to consider when choosing an office.


There are 3 types of office layout; open plan, partitioned and cubical depending with the profession of the employees, the size of organization, facilitates available.

b) The accessibility to electricity and technology

With the modern advancement of technology, electricity and technology are very crucial elements of an office for research purposes, work efficiency.

c) Security and environment

An ideal office should be well located with work friendly environment. Take into consideration an office in an area where security is threatened and its work performance.

Green  office interior designs in Kenya

It’s about having good air quality both indoors and outdoors, making the environments in which we work, live, study and play healthier and more comfortable and conserving all of our natural resources

Consider also saving energy, water and other natural resources, improving indoor air quality, using environmentally responsible design and construction techniques and minimizing waste.

Principles on how to create inspiring Office Interior Designs in Kenya

a) The wall paintings

The colors used in office interior designs in Kenya need to have a formal look.

Right choice of color scheme can enhance and effect mood, work, enhance feelings of health. Color scheme also contribute a subliminal role in influencing our desires; like hunger, passion, anger, peace and calm and more.

Light colors are best suited for the office environment. These colors create a pleasant atmosphere as well as making the available space appear bigger. Light yellow is one such color that gives an inviting look to the office and also makes it appear larger.

Flashy bright colors can however be used if the room needs more light; brightness of the walls colors gets amplified.

b) Furniture

Office furniture must be comfortable enough so that you can work for long without much exertion. Consequently the atmosphere becomes official enough for you to be capable of doing your work effectively. This can only be meant by having good furniture.

There are wide and diverse ranges of executive office furniture that are designed for office purpose. However they should all have certain characteristics.

Polishing your furniture give the office a clean look which adds professionalism to your products/services.

They should be durable and of good quality, for instance, oak wood as the standard material for desk

c) Wall art

What is the elegance behind wall art in Office Interior Designs in Kenya?

Adding art in your office creates a harmonious environment. This is by transforming the office from a dull work place to a vibrant and thriving one.

Modern art brings a touch of upper class society into your work environment and allows workers and clients love the value of interior design.

Art work in your office creates an environment that suits everyone.

d) Curtain

The basic function of curtain is cut off excess sunlight from entering the room.

Curtains have a crucial role of deciding how an office looks hence one should be careful when choosing the fabric and its color.

The actual design of the curtain also depends on the size of the opening, windows and the doors. Remember having a wide window increases the lightning of the office.

e) Lighting

Why is lighting the most important part of Office Interior Designs in Kenya physical conditions?

Proper lighting involves sufficient amount of light, proper distribution and diffusion, absence of glare, freedom from fluctuation and freedom from injurious invisible radiations.

Proper lighting is essential because of the following reasons:

  • Increases the rate of output
  • Ensures better quality of work.
  • Helps in the reduction of fatigue.
  • Helps in improving the morale of employees.
  • Ensures high prestige of the firm.

f) Floor

Are you looking for a professional looking floor suitable for your office?

Great choose of floor can be done be laminating, hardwood flooring, carpeting, tiling.

The floor should contain certain qualities like being waterproof, soundproof, durable, easy maintenance, no lying wires that can cause accident.

Install a floor that sets the right mood for your office setting depending on the type of office, budget and the profession. A business man may choose hardwood flooring to promote elegance.

g) Ceiling

Ceiling takes much spaces of your room and therefore you have to choose a good ceiling design.

In office environment privacy and less distraction can be a challenge especially in open office plan or partitioned office plan, a problem solved by proper ceiling.

Install a fan that is silent when on to improve ventilation.

Office Interior designs photos

modern office

modern office in Kenya

Office Interior Designs in Kenya

Office Interior Designs inKenya

green interior designs office

green interior designs office


modern office

Office Interior Designs in Kenya







Office Interior Designs in Kenya

Office Interior Designs in Kenya








Office Interior Designs in Kenya

Office Interior Designs in Kenya

Concluding remarks on Office Interior Designs in Kenya

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