Organic Garden Tools


What is the Organic Garden Tools? This are the tools that make the gardening work at home easy and enjoyable, with organic gardening tools the whole process will be sheer fun.

You also have to learn how to choose the appropriate tool for each specific job and the maintenance measures taken to enhance their durability.

7 Must Have Organic Garden Tools

  • Wheelbarrow.
Organic Garden Tools

Organic Garden Tools

You will have to carry around other tools, soil, plants and fertilizer in the garden as you maintain your plantations. A wheelbarrow is the perfect tool for all this work.

It can easily go to any part of the garden caring everything that you want.

  • Lawn mower.

Most of our gardens are carpeted with glass as the undercover thus a lawn mower will be of great substance to us. The lawn mower can be powered manually of eclectically to owners wish.

  • Spading folk.

A perfect tool to break compact soil, it has a short handle and a curved base where the foot rests to help the hands in applying the effort.

  • Hoe.

This is also a very useful tool in breaking the compact soil. They are designed with hooks or a flat sharp blade that is used in digging.

The design is good enough for one to comfortably dig when standing hence less tiring.

  • Watering can.

These are buckets that can hold about 8 liters of water and have a large nozzle with some perforations at its peak. It has two handles of which one on the top for lifting it and the other on the side for bending it towards the plant.

  • Rake.

All the fallen leaves, flowers and fruits can be easily wiped out of the garden by simply racking them off.

They are designed like hoes but with shorter and many strides that holds the leaves as they are pulled. The strikes can be made of metal or plastic while the stick is wooden to make it less heavy.

  • Garden sheers.

This is an organic garden tool that is used to prone the plants to maintain them at desirable shapes and heights. One should choose a size that is well fitting in the hands for proper and easy working.

How to Choose Organic Garden Tools.

It might seem simple but to choose the organic gardening tools require you to consider some of the basic aspect that many tend to ignore them.

One of the important aspects is choosing the best size for you. All tools are in divers sizes to fit different people, some might be too large others too small for you.

You should also consider the size of your garden. Some garden are too shall to have electrically powered tools like lawn mowers, this will help you avoid unnecessary cost in purchasing this tools.

Maintenance of Organic Garden Tools.

Advantages of Organic Garden Tools.