Outdoor Maintenance

Your outdoor is your home’s first impression and therefore meticulous outdoor maintenance is an absolute necessity. Nothing gives an awful account of a home better than an unkempt outdoor. It’s all too clear that no one ever gets a second chance to create that first impression. No matter how splendid your house is inside, a negative image will already have been lodged in your visitor’s mind. The main components of your outdoor includes; the landscaping, the garden, the patio and other facilities outside the house.

Outdoor Maintenance: Keep the landscape and garden neat.

Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance

Proper and regular outdoor maintenance for your landscape is essential for an impressive look. Always keep your lawn well trimmed. The lawn and plants should be watered regularly preferably in the evenings in order to retain moisture for long. Weeds must never be allowed to grow in the lawn. To remove them, consider uprooting instead of using tools that might damage the lawn. Stones and bricks should remain in the original positions with grass wrapping around them. Maintain concrete slabs, fountains and pathways, but be careful not remove moss growing round them and the glass in between pathway slabs to retain that authentic look. In the garden ensure that the plants are watered and the soil enriched with either organic or inorganic manure. This will keep your garden green and attractive.

Outdoor Maintenance: Patio and other facilities

The Patio, the swimming pool and tennis court must not be left out of your outdoor maintenance routine. In the Patio, the roof should be intact to offer protection from the elements as intended. Always clean the floor and polish those that are meant to be polished to avoid cracking and chipping. In the swimming pool, scoop the leaves and all the rubbish therein. Use a long handled mop or brush to clean the floor of the pool and then change the water. It is worth noting that all metal structures within the swimming pool are painted to avoid rust. In the tennis court, metal structures should be accorded the same treatment of painting and ensuring that they are upright and strong. Keep the floor clean but not slippery.

Outdoor Maintenance: Furniture and sculptures

Other than wooden furniture, these do not quite constitute much in outdoor maintenance. Wooden furniture will from time to time require oiling. Occasionally it will be necessary to sand the wood and apply wax to keep away water which would otherwise damage the wood. It is also worth noting that exposure of wet wood to direct sunlight tends to distort the wood resulting in damage to the furniture. This can also be countered by painting the wood. Scruptures are even easier to maintain since most of them are made of either brass or other metals that can be easily painted. Rubbing brass scriptures with cotton wool dipped in vinegar or metal cleaning solutions readily available in hardware stores will restore their gleaming shine.

Keeping your outdoor attractive need not be a tedious job. You will realize that all the activities discussed here are not carried out at the same time but seasonally making outdoor maintenance an interesting DIY issue.