outdoor wood furniture

Wood is the only type of furniture that has taken full control in the field of furniture mostly in outdoor wood furniture.

They are made in a unique set up that is adaptable to the outdoor environment.

They are of various types fit different environmental set ups.

Types of outdoor wood furniture.

Outdoor Wood Furniture

Outdoor Wood Furniture

They are classified in basis of their make up, type of wood and purpose.

  • Teak furniture

This is the most expensive type of furniture that has the most suitable features of outdoor furniture.

It has advantages like:-

-One of the most durable

-Resistant to decay and rot

-Resistant to termite and pests

-It is a hard wood with grain pattern

-Has alight honey brown color.

To maintain its color for long it applied teak oil.

  • Red wood furniture

It is a relatively cheaper type of outdoor furniture that is also used as decoration to the garden.

Its advantages are:-

-Its naturally resistant to rot and termite.

-Has a light wheat color.

-It Is a soft wood with a straight grain.

Due to its soft nature it can be made to different artistic designs hence decorative.

To improve its durability a sealant, stain or preservant   is applied on it after certain duration of time.

  • Jarrah furniture

This is a unique type of furniture that has an exotic looking.

Its remedies include:-

-A hardwood type.

-Has a reddish brown color.

-Resistant to termite and pests.

-Don’t bent under extreme humidity.

-Resistant to rot and decay.

It is cheaper than teak outdoor furniture.

  • White cedar furniture.

This is an outdoor furniture that is of high quality with outstanding characteristics.

Have features like:-

-It is a soft wood.

-Has a white gold color.

-It is light in weight.

-Resistant to rot and decay.

-Don’t wrap under extreme conditions.

-Resistant to termite and pests.

It can be modified with sine artistic designs to make it out standing.

Maintenance of outdoor wood furniture.

This is the type of furniture that needs up to standard maintenance to ensure their durability.

The following are the measures to be taken in maintaining outdoor furniture.

  1. 1. Waterproofing wood.

This is adding of a sealant to furniture that does not allow water to be absorbed by the wood.

It is applied on the wood through spraying with a brush.

Stains are removed from the wood furniture to ensure the sealant sticks on the wood permanently.

Removing stains on outdoor wood furniture

Stains can be caused by cold bear, tea, soup or any other liquid that dries on the wood surface and leaves an unpleasant mark.

Baking soda and cigarette ash are the commonly used substance sin removing the stains.

Some wood polish can be applied to polish up the scratched part.

  1. 2. Cleaning wood furniture.

This is an activity that is done on the furniture o regular basis thus should be done with care not to scrub off the polish on the wood.

A soft dry cotton cloth should be used if the cleaning is dome on daily basis.

There are specific liquid furniture polishes that are used in cleaning that leave the surface clean and shiny.

  1. 3. Repairing the furniture.

This is a compulsory treat to furniture that maintains its new look years after it is made.

It can be done in various ways.

  • Replacing the broken, rotten parts or those that are invaded by termite and pests.
  • Repainting the furniture.
  • Staining the furniture.

Concluding remarks on outdoor wood furniture

Wooden furniture is known to be the most comfortable type of furniture but people have been hesitating from having this comfort in their outdoor in fear of maintenance.

Having learnt how cheap it is to maintain this furniture,take a step on your garden and install outdoor wood furniture.