Palladian Window

A Palladian window is part of the wide and broad world of architecture. It involves a huge array of simple to complex structures brought about by the amazing creativity of the human brain. This type of a  window is  named after a resounding Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). Palladio’s work was strongly based on the symmetry, perspective and values of the formal classical temple architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

What is a Palladian window?

Palladian Window

Basically this is a very large window, divided into three tall rectangular sections. The central and largest section may be topped with a semicircular arched window, with a base the same width as the section. Sometimes it is flanked by two narrower windows. The windows are often enclosed by pilaster or columns.

You can identify the window by the arch on top and the narrow panels on both sides of the central window. This type of a window is one of Palladio’s most popular and widely imitated design motifs. So appealing and influential was the design of Palladio that his work continues to inspire architects today.

What are the uses of a Palladian window?

This type of windows have a gorgeous look and provide additional amount of light to the home. They are also known for intricate farming or steel work within the window itself.

You’ll find these windows also installed over doors and entryways in order to add a touch of flair and class to any structure. These windows got their start with the federal style, and they are still a dominant feature in federal style homes. However, they are now commonly used in many other architectural styles as well, including Georgian, colonial, Neoclassical and queen Anne style homes. Anywhere that a little extra panache is desired, a Palladian window fits the bill.

Ways to manipulate a Palladian window to suit you

Many home owners feel that they need to dress the windows for privacy as well as control the amount of light that they allow into their home. However, they are not sure of how to best treat their windows with least effect to its beauty and elegance.

There are many variations of Palladian window treatments and you can choose from that and are likely to match your interior style or your budget. They include:-

  • Arch adjustment:  – Should you need additional privacy then you may need to adjust the light coming through the arch: Then you need to look for arched window blinds or shades. It’s not a problem for Palladian windows since its arch has a rounded shape and there it is quite easy to find ready made blinds or shades
  • Arch decoration:  – If you do not mind to hide the arch under window covering, you can decorate it with a beautiful window scarf or valance. Just install a curve window rod above the arch for the valance or some decorative sconces or scarf holders for window scarf
  • Free style treatment:   – This window can also be treated and manipulated to ones own desire. For instance you may hang draperies on the curtain rod, mounted under the arch or match the window dressing to the arch covering.


All in all a Palladian window remains such an epitome of beauty and elegance.