Pressure Cookers for cooking

What is your experience with Pressure Cookers for cooking?

In my house I use Pressure Cookers for cooking fast. This was after a friend recommended me to start using it. Believe me today, I love cooking and spreading my time in the kitchen.

A Pressure cooker is a kitchen appliances whose method of cooking is in a sealed vessel that do not permit any liquid or air to escape.

Pressure cookers are also referred as steam digester. This is the name of the early pressure cookers that were invented by Denis Papin in 1679.

How Pressure Cookers operates.

Pressure cookers use water and air mainly to increase the pressure of the cooker. As the water in the closed vessel boils to boiling point the pressure of exert increases. As a result the pressure builds up inside the cooker allowing the liquid in the pot to rise to a higher temperature.

This result to a steam that is trapped in the closed vessel that is increases the pressure and temperature and maintained constantly throughout the cooking process.

Pressure Cookers for cooking

Pressure Cookers for cooking

Advantages of Pressure Cookers for cooking

There are many methods of cooking that include: pressure cookers, Ariston, gas cookers, microwave among many others. All of them have different features and ways of operating.

1.Use pressure cooker for cooking food because it’s much faster by the than any other method. This is because the there is less water used in the boiling process.

Therefore less energy is used in the steaming up of water hence dishes are ready faster and easily since they come to cooking temperatures faster.

2. Kills most of the micro organisms in the food substances.

The reason behind this is that the food in the pot is cooked at a temperature that is above the normal boiling point of water (100 degrees centigrade).

This can also be used as a sterilizer for the washing of the cooking pots and other kitchen appliances.

3. The method used to cook food has a big and great impact on the nutrient content and composition by the end of the day.

Vitamins are not destroyed when you use a pressure cooker for cooking since they are in a closed pot of boiling water as well as  the amount of water used is less. Vitamins together with the other nutrients are usually very sensitive to destroy when exposed to heat, air exposure and water.

-However Pressure Cookers for cooking can be expensive to use than any other method of cooking of the same size and design especially to the third world countries like Kenya. The sealing ring requires constant replacing when worn out. Besides that those Pressure Cookers using non-rubber gaskets need a petroleum jelly applied on the rim of the cooker in case the gasket become hard to open as a result of drying.

Tips on how to maintain Pressure Cookers for cooking.

a) Inspect that the rubber rings of the cooker regularly and make sure that it is flexible for easily opening of the ring.

b) Before you start using your pressure cooker ensure that the valves are clean and free from dirt and dust

c) Pressure Cookers should not be used for deep frying; oil does not bring the mixture required for the boiling process.

d) Always follow the instructions of the manufacturers. Do not fill your food beyond the mark indicated on the inside of the pot. This will prevent your food from burning.

Pressure Cookers for cooking Instructions

There are many ways of cooking using the Pressure Cookers  for cooking but we as the HomeBeauty.com give you the most proper way of cooking.

  1. Fill the food you want to cook to the point marked on the inside of your cooker. The cooker should never fill to 2/3 solid and ½ of liquids and cereals.
  2. Add food substances like onions, tomatoes and meat first to the cooking pot to allow the food to be tasty.
  3. Add water to the food. Keep in mind that food like stew requires less water for cooking. The minimum level of water in the pressure cooker pot is 300ml.
  4. Each additional 15 minutes add more water about 150 ml.
  5. Avoid much seasoning when cooking. For instance salt adding because it will be more concentrated in the cooker.
  6. Finally add the rest of the food recipe to the cooking pot, starting with the vegetables so that the food may not be mashed.

Final remarks.

I believe you now concur with me that cooking can be made easily and fun only if we use the Pressure Cookers for cooking.